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Che Soon
Che Soon
Character in Just Cause 2
Faction Panau Military
Job Colonel
Last known status Player's choice

Che Soon is a character in Just Cause 2.

Quote from the PDAEdit

"Pasir Putih, where sand and water meets, is the home base of the notorious Colonel Che Soon, who made a name from himself during the Papa Panay era by championing the distribution of polio vaccine for the poor. This was met with some controversy at the time, but Che Soon was adamant that vaccination would help strengthen the country's internal economy in the long run, and he was right."


Pasir Putih harbor, in Panau Tengah Bay at X:12990; Y:19240, right along the road.


  • His name is a reference to Che Guevara, a famous guerrilla leader. The "soon" part of the name means that this colonel might soon have ended up becoming someone like that.
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