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Gurun Lautan Lama Alpha
Communications Mast
Seen from above.
Settlement in Panau
Type Communications outpost.
Territory Lautan Lama Desert
Coordinates X:5360; Y:25640
Missions that take place here None

Gurun Lautan Lama Alpha is a Communications Outpost in Just Cause 2.


This is one of the larger Communication Outposts in Panau: it has a Communications Mast. The base also contains a Medicine cabinet on its usual shack. While the base has no helipad, a H-62 Quapaw does spawn next to the Guard Tower. This outpost serves as one of the most important outposts in the Lautan Lama Desert (and in the whole Panau), because it can spy over the entire region. The outpost has no Mounted Gun protecting it, which is a questionable choice for such an important base.

There are two Faction Items near-by: 2 Skulls, 1 to the south-west and 1 to the north-west.

This outpost is named after the 1st letter of the Greek alphabet: alpha (Α and α).

This is only one of only two communications outposts with the communications mast.


The outpost is about 800m north-west of Bandar Gereja Gurun. Gurun Lautan Lama Gamma is just downhill, to the north-west, serving as a back-up/redundancy. Kampung Lima Batu is to the north-east and



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