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Gurun Lautan Lama Beta
Settlement in Panau
Type Communications Outpost
Territory Lautan Lama Desert
Coordinates X:6020; Y:21570
Missions that take place here None

Gurun Lautan Lama Beta is a Communications Outpost in Just Cause 2.


There are 10 Panau Military soldiers protecting the outpost, at least 4 of them are Elites. Despite being heavily guarded there is no Mounted Gun. Other than that, it is pretty standard, with equipment including a wooden barrack (with a Medicine cabinet), a Communications Station, a Generator, a Broadcast Tower, a helicopter landing pad (with an H-62 Quapaw) and a guard post. There are no roads leading to the outpost. The outpost is deserted after completion.

This outpost is named after the 2nd letter of the Greek alphabet: beta (Β and β).

About 100m to the south-east is a Skull for the Ular Boys.


Just west of Sungai Madu Leleh, to the north-west is Pulau Dayang Terlena, to the west is Tasik Permata and to the south-east is Kem Sungai Cerah. In a valley, to the south, is a small lake. The outpost is in a better spot for relaying messages rather than spying.



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