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This article lists all the countries and nations in the Just Cause game series.
Panays globe in JC2 MP

The globe from the U1, spawned in Just Cause 2 Multiplayer.

The info in this article is not necessarily true in the real world, but it's correct in the Just Cause Universe.

San EsperitoEdit

Main article: San Esperito.

This is the setting of Just Cause.


Main article: Panau.

This is the setting of Just Cause 2.


Main article: Medici.

This is the setting of Just Cause 3.


Main article: Solís.

This is the setting of Just Cause 4.


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Atlantis is mentioned by Tom Sheldon in the mission Severance.

In reality Atlantis is an ancient mythical island-nation that was completely destroyed in some disaster. It was invented by the Greek philosopher Plato.


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San Esperito has an ancient Aztec-style temple: Hidden temple at Isla Maria Dolorosa. A helicopter has been named after them (albeit with a different spelling): Huerta PA51 Aztek.


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Brunei is one of Panau's business partners. Panau imports oil at several of its fuel ports.


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Burma has culturally influenced Panau.


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The Agency is said to have carried out special operations in Cambodia during the Vietnam War.


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Other facts:

  • "Zhejiang", as in Zhejiang 6903, is the name of a southern province in China.
  • Lee Ho Fook in Taking Care of the Dishes is a Chinese businessman who had sold Ular contraband to gangsters in Macau, an autonomous territory of China. In the mission, Fook is a submachine gun-wielding Panauan Secret Serviceman with the Chinese flag on his chest.
  • There are several Panauan Colonels with Chinese backgrounds:
    • Lee Yu Wehn's PDA entry states: "They say he is saving up to put into motion his lifelong dream: a cannon so big it can shoot canisters of biological weapons to mainland China, where his hated uncle still lives."
    • Yuan's PDA entry states: "Colonel Yuan has made a small private fortune ripping off the city's Chinese element. But as much money he has amassed, he has also made the equivalent in enemies." However, as odd as this may seem, Yuan is a fairly common Chinese last name.
    • There are some Colonels with Chinese surnames, including Colonel Chen.

Colle SalrosaEdit

Main article: Colle Salrosa.

Colle Salrosa is said to have been founded centuries ago as a city state. Now it is part of Medici.


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Medici Military uses the Le Tutor base to spy on Croatia.

Czech RepublicEdit

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There are many military vehicles in Just Cause 3 that have names of Czech origin:


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  • By the description of Porto Coclea, smugglers sailing to or from France, Monaco, or Spain find themselves imprisoned there if captured.
  • In the Eden Callaghan tapes, Eden explains that the Stingray base was originally built off the French coast.


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Maps of Gibraltar can reportedly be seen at the Stingray base.


Main article (at Wikipedia): Greece.

  • The "Triereme" in Triereme - RC Athena is probably referencing a "Trireme", an ancient Greek warship propelled by sails and three rows of oars on each side.
  • The "Kavala" in Stria Kavala is a city in Northern Greece.
  • Medici has been culturally influenced by ancient Greece. There are many ancient ruins in Medici that seem to have the Ancient Greek architecture style. Medici was actually occupied by the Roman Empire (see below), but Roman architecture is greatly influenced by older Greek architecture.


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At some point in history, Dimah and Rico were on a mission together in Guatemala.


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  • Indonesia has significantly influenced the culture of Panau. The majority of the island's locations have Indonesian names.
  • Indonesia is also one of Panau's business partners. Panau imports Indonesian oil at several of its fuel ports.
  • The sidemission Jumping Parole features a Reapers hit man by the name of Saul Sukarno. Sukarno is the name of the first president of Indonesia.


  • The rebel drop description for the Mugello Vistosa says "Capable of surpassing 300 km/h, the Mugello Vistosa embodies everything you could want in an Italian supercar; passion, beauty, and exhilaration. For experts only." Suggesting that Mugello is Italian.
  • There is also a map of Italy in Cauda. Also Medici is heavily inspired by Italy.


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Other facts:

  • Hamaya is an anagram of the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha.
  • Niseco is the name of a town in Hokkaido, Japan. This may be a hint that the fictional company is based there. Niseco sounds similiar to Nissan, a Japanese automobile company.
  • The automobile company Sakura is named after a Japanese word with multiple meanings.


Nothing specific is known about this nation, but in the Just Cause alternative ending Salvador Mendoza was going to flee there in his submarine.


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The Agency is said to have carried out special operations in Laos during the Vietnam War.


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Medici Military uses the Le Tutor base to spy on Libya.


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Malaysia has greatly influenced the culture of Panau. Many of the island's locations have Malay names.


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Maps of Malta can reportedly be seen at the Stingray base.

Mayan EmpireEdit

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The Rajang Temple resembles Mayan architecture.


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The series protagonist Rico Rodriguez was born in Mexico. This was revealed by game developers during some promotional interviews before the launch of Just Cause 3.


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  • Monaco is mentioned along with Spain and France in the description of Porto Coclea which states that smugglers sailing to or from the three countries usually find themselves there if they get captured by the Medici Military on the way.

Other facts:

"Nearby South American country"Edit

The nation is unnamed, but as reported by the Solís Hoy radio, their leader, General Fernando Torres, visited Solís. That nation is a customer of the Prospero Group (buying weapons and/or military vehicles) and is known for having human rights violations.


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Jc3 gas station opening hours

Gas station sign, in Dutch.

North Atlantic Treaty OrganizationEdit

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More commonly called by the abbreviation NATO, it's a defensive military alliance.

The in-game map description for the Griphon military base states that Di Ravello loaned out the base to NATO and they used it during the Cold War.

"Over 100 nations"Edit

According to the map icon for Prospero Balística: "This factory exports weapons to over 100 nations in addition to being the largest manufacturer of Black Hand weaponry."

The PhilippinesEdit

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The Philippines has influenced the culture of Panau.


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This is actually a region divided between Argentina and Chile.

Rico and Tom discuss this location in the mission Thunderbarge: Ion Coil Delivery. It's revealed that there was a banana stand there and that Tom drove their car and crashed it into a tree, which caused a notable delay in their mission.


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Three Just Cause 3 military vehicles use Polish words for names:


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  • Portugese Pete is from Portugal.
  • Panau has been culturally influenced by Portugal at some point in its history, likely as part of the Portuguese Empire. Some location names are still in Portuguese.

Roman EmpireEdit

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Other facts:

  • The "Imperator" in Imperator Bavarium Tank is the Latin word for "Emperor". Latin was the language of the Roman Empire.


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Other facts:


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Salirosa is one of the names for a 15th century mythical island in the Atlantic ocean. The name roughly translates as "the island of devils". No such island ever existed, but it was marked on several maps at the time and it was the embodiment of multiple legends.

  • The small dog at Soliana is called the "Salirosan Skramp".
  • The map description for Celata is: "The cozy inlet of Celata was once home to a rowdy tribe of Salirosan fishermen. Urbanization and the march of progress have reduced Celata's population and size; now, it is the sort of town that youngsters leave and the elderly retire to."
  • The map description for Cima Leon: Centcom is: "Built on the ruins of an ancient Salirosan fortress, Cima Leon's CentCom Tower is the bastion from which Di Ravello's regional commanders keep Insula Fonte under strict control."
  • Some text can be found on Rebellion vehicles, that says "Liberar Salirosa," which translates to "Liberate the Island of Devils"
  • The map description for Cirilla is: "The quaint town of Cirilla is named after Cirillo Salroso, patriarch of the ancient Salirosan people. On the third Sunday of every month, those that still uphold the "Way of Cirillo" meet privately, to share bottles of wine and good food, hoping the spirit of their once-beloved leader will look down upon them and their families favorably."

Star forts did not really exist until around a century after the time of the "island of devils" myth.


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South KoreaEdit

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  • Little Guy was presumably born in South Korea.
  • The Roaches logo contains the Korean Hangul do, which on it's own can mean "plans".


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Other facts:


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United KingdomEdit

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  • Panau was once part of the British Empire. As a result, the United Kingdom has influenced the culture of Panau.
  • The radio announcer of the General's News Network in Medici has a distinctly Scottish accent.

Other facts:

United StatesEdit

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The Just Cause games are a partial parody of U.S. foreign policy.

The United States is where The Agency is based. Through secret Agency operations, the United States is known to support illegal armed factions in multiple other nations to topple their governments for American imperialism (this is satire).

Other facts:

United NationsEdit

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In 2005, the United Nations monitored San Esperito's anti-drug program.


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The Agency is said to have carried out special operations during the Vietnam War.


  • It should be noted that some of the countries on here are not exactly countries, for example, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) or the United Nations (UN), but they are mentioned somewhere within the three games of the Just Cause Game Series.
  • It is stated that Panau imports Uranium from other countries in the Awan Cendawan Power Plant article, but it's unknown what countries these are.
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