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Porto Vena
Porto Vena
Rebellion boats show up as support during the liberation.
Settlement in Medici
Type Military port
Region Insula Fonte
Province Sirocco Nord
Coordinates Unknown
Missions that take place here None

Porto Vena is a military port in Just Cause 3.


The port is at the coast and has many large indestructable cranes. There are also Transformers, a range of cargo boats, watch towers, Distillation Towers and Fuel Depots.

There are mountains in the distance, and it appears that there is a strong Medici Military presence. After it is liberated, it presumably becomes the primary port for the southern islands of Insula Fonte, if not for the region itself.

The in-game map description states: "Once a bustling, exotic market, the sprawling harbor of Porto Vena is now the largest military port in the Mediterranean."

The nearby Unnamed port at N 40 39.000 E 5 43.250 is actually much better suited to service large ships, because that port is next to open water, where as this one is on the banks of a river/canal.



Liberating this base will unlock the following:



  • The location was first seen in the Wingsuit Experience App.
  • According to the in-game bio, Porto Vena is the largest port of its kind in the Mediterranean.


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 PC   As reported by User:Category Theory, playing "full HD" on a PC, only the first item from the rewards is listed in the in-game description. This may be related to not having enough room to list all of the unlocks below the long list of things that need to be destroyed.



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Let's Watch Just Cause 3 Beta - Part 1

Let's Watch Just Cause 3 Beta - Part 1

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