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RPG M-112
Some Enchanted Evening 1
During the mission Some Enchanted Evening.
Weapon in Just Cause
Type Rocket Launcher
Usage Two handed
Maximum ammunition carried 3
Maximum ammunition in the weapon 1
List of owners Guerrillas
The Agency

The RPG M-112 is a weapon in Just Cause (1).


It's based on the real world M72 LAW anti-tank rocket launcher.


By name, it's a rocket propelled grenade launcher but due to it's performance, it acts more like a rocket-launcher.

It fires one shot at a time and (realistically) requires reloading after every shot. Rico can carry 3 other rockets with him. Just like all other rocket-launchers, it can destroy any helicopter in one shot. It's advised to save ammunition and to stay out of enemy fire while aiming.




This weapon can be seen used in this video, but not successfully:

Just Cause Rico farting glitch

Just Cause Rico farting glitch

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