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JC4 RPG unit
Being held by a Black Hand RPG operator.
Weapon in Just Cause 4
Type RPG
Usage Two handed
Maximum ammunition carried 8
Maximum ammunition in the weapon 1
To unlock Secure the Delta Rio Wanay region
List of owners Black Hand
Army of Chaos (uncommon)

The AT7 RPG is a rocket launcher in Just Cause 4.


The weapon has a similar look like the UVK-13, and an even similar look to the Capstone Bloodhound, especially with its secondary fire. It's a darkish gray RPG with a red rocket inside.


It functions like the UVK-13 creating a medium explosion.

Secondary fire for the weapon allows Rico to stop the rocket in mid air and direct it to another location similarly to the Capstone Bloodhound's ability to redirect its missile mid-air.



  • There is no obvious grenade being launched when a shot is fired.
  • "AT" likely stands for "anti-tank".


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