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JC4 RPG unit.png
Being held by a Black Hand soldier.
Weapon in Just Cause 4
Type RPG
Usage Two handed
Maximum ammunition carried 8
Maximum ammunition in the weapon 1
To unlock Secure the Delta Río Wanay region
List of owners Black Hand
Army of Chaos (uncommon)

The AT7 RPG is a rocket launcher in Just Cause 4.


The weapon has a similar look to the UVK-13 and an even similar look to the Capstone Bloodhound. It's a dark gray launcher with a red rocket sticking out of the front.

It looks like a long tube, visually similar to the AT4, with a device and target acquisition sight on the front (the former probably being the missile redirect system), and a vertical grip underneath the tube.


It functions like the UVK-13, creating a medium-sized explosion and a short-lived fireball upon impact.

It has a pretty large splash damage radius, making it effective against groups of infantry, but that's not its intended purpose. The AT7 is designed for use against vehicles. It takes one hit to destroy unarmored ones and three to destroy most armored ones. Large, heavy vehicles such as the Spearhead Transport can stand up to thrice the punishment (9 hits to destroy, or sink in this case).

It can also be used against chaos objects. As said before, its splash damage can be used against infantry, but this is not especially advisable as the player has very limited ammo, which should be reserved for dealing with armored threats, such as tanks.

Secondary fire for the weapon allows Rico to stop the rocket in mid air and direct it to another location similarly to the Capstone Bloodhound's ability to redirect its missile mid-air. After being redirected, the rocket will zoom towards the designated location at a much higher velocity than before.



  • There is no obvious grenade being launched when a rocket is fired.
  • "AT" likely stands for "anti-tank". Despite this, 3 rockets are needed to destroy a tank. All tanks in JC4 and the Bloodhound Siege Heli take 3 of any type of rocket/missile/tank gun hit to destroy.
  • A weapon resembling this RPG will return in Just Cause: Mobile.