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At the Mendoza International Airport.
Vehicle in Just Cause
Type Airport tug
Weapons None
Rarity Very rare
List of owners Civilians

The AVIA is an airport tug in Just Cause (1).


It's an airport tug - a type of Tractor that's used to tow and maneuver aircraft at Airports.

Despite its purpose, it can't really pull any trailers or planes in the game, making it a novelty vehicle. It's also one of the smallest vehicles and it's always brown. There's no roof, so it's good for only nice weather.


It's the second slowest vehicle in the game. Usually has decent handling, except at top speed it's difficult to control. It is extremely slow off roads.




Airport tugEdit

Crop spraying versionEdit


(HD) Avia - Just Cause 1

(HD) Avia - Just Cause 1

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