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Airport Troubles
Pilot in Airport Troubles.jpg
Faction Mission
Faction Roaches
Prerequisite Stronghold Free Trade
Faction Influence Level 2
Required Chaos 60,000
Location Panau International Airport,
Ramai Rakyat Islands
X:9350; Y:12754
Chaos 7,500
Cash 17,500
Weapon Parts 1
Vehicle Parts 1

Airport Troubles is a Roaches faction mission in Just Cause 2.


It's a short and easy mission to retrieve information for Razak Razman and the Roaches. Even so, this mission is a "stage completion", a type of faction mission that gives a bigger reward and during these missions the in-game clock is usually locked on a specific time. The mission also includes some odd destructables and rare vehicles. See listed below at the trivia.

Get out to Panau International Airport and contact Razak Razman from the phone booth to start this mission. He's a little annoyed that someone called Little Guy, a hacker in his employ has decided to turn evidence over to the authorities in exchange for a flight out of Panau to Korea (probably South Korea). You must retrieve the Roaches codes and passwords before Little Guy can flee the country.


Kill the pilot

Take the messy but direct route through the main entrance and the government troops, or instead go left around the hangar to the end of the runway and hop up right next to the hangar, where the pilot is. He's got company, so you'll have to take the lot out, then grab the PDA he drops.

There is also a less direct way to get in: go round the left side of the building, Grapple on top of the pilot's hanger and drop down from there to avoid a shoot out and subsequently lose ammunition.

Get Little Guy

Razak gets the information and then tells you that Little Guy is already on board the plane, waiting on the runway. Hijack it. It's faster to grab the nearby MV V880 parked in the hangar. The Cassius 192 that Little Guy is waiting in is across the arrival terminal on another runway. There are a pair of soldiers armed with rocket launchers right next to the Cassius and a few additional soldiers near a green Maddox FVA 45 with a Mounted Gun.

If the rocket launchers are troublesome, the easiest way to handle them is to approach the plane from the woods and use the nearby fence for cover.

The plane itself is very well armored. It's still unknown how well it could handle being hit with the rockets, but it can handle an unknown number of minutes of sustained fire from the mounted gun. There is also a chance that the plane is nearly invulnerable to damage from a.i. weapons, while the player can still destroy it. In any case, as long as the plane doesn't get hit by rockets and as long as the player doesn't use it as cover while fighting the other soldiers, there should be no problem. If the plane should get blown up at this point, then the mission fails.

Once the soldiers are taken care of (at least the rocket launcher guys), enter the plane and take off. Or just get in. When Little Guy realizes that you are working with the Roaches, he panics and offers the information you seek, in exchange for being released. When Razak receives the data your mission objective is complete and he tells you to do with Little Guy as you wish.

You can land back at the airport or abandon the aircraft. Either way, you never actually see Little Guy, as he doesn't exit the plane.


  • This mission has 2 sets of unusual sabotage destructable objects:
  • Shortly after the mission, the Panau Broadcasting Company will broadcast a radio news segment about this: "Earlier today, the Panau International Airport, which has been closed down until further notice, was the scene of a violent series of events, when a number of convicted foreign criminals mysteriously exploded, taking with them several Panauan officials. Police are looking into the tragedy, but have no comments as of now."
  • The player is not expected to actually fly the plane to Korea, so the drop-off coordinates are in the Berawan Besar Mountains, at no point of interest.
  • The pilot shares their character model with the Black Market dealer, uniquely.
  • Assuming that the player has completed this airport to 100%, this is the only time when Aeroliner 474s are taking off from the runways. Same with Nothing to Declare. This is why it's advised to leave the airport at less than 100% completion.
  • Little Guy cannot be seen, as he does not leave the plane. When the mission ends his character despawns (if there even is an NPC in the plane).
    • In-universe, his fate depends on the player who can either leave the plane (killing him by a plane crash), or land the plane and leave him alone. Furthermore, there will be no more mentioning of him throughout the game.
  • This is one of two missions featuring Panau International Airport. The other being Nothing to Declare.
  • This mission features some relatively rare vehicles.
    • An Aeroliner 474 that appears here is the only green-marked one in the game, meaning that the player doesn't get heat if the military sees Rico using it. Unfortunately, it cannot be used, because taking off fails the mission.
    • The UH-10 Chippewa that shows up is one of the rare ones with no passenger. Not just that, but if the player waits until all the heat disappears and then enters the plane, they get pre-heat. At this point, the helicopter attacks Rico regardless of heat.
    • The MV V880 that shows up to escort the plane leaves Rico alone even in heat. The vehicle may still be at the airport by the time the mission is complete, but can not be entered.
    • The military does own a few Maddox FVA 45s at their bases, but they only use them in 2 missions.
    • The Cassius 192 is armored (programmed to have increased health).
  • There was a minor editing dispute in March to April 2020 about whether the plane is or is not destructible in this mission. Further testing on a PC disk version revealed that the plane is indeed very tough, but can be destroyed after taking significant quantities of small arms fire. See also: Talk:Airport Troubles.




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