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This article lists all the airports in the Just Cause game series.


Common description

Airports are places that are made up of an airfield (for takeoff / landing of aircraft) and a parking lot, for aircraft. Airports are usually pretty large and often have several buildings and large amounts of equipment for servicing aircraft.

Airports in Just Cause

There are numerous airfields spread throughout San Esperito. Most are little more than a strip of tarmac or dirt. The only exception is Mendoza International Airport, a modern international airport with 3 long runways, capable of serving large planes. At least 1 plane spawns at almost every airfield, apart from a few dirt runways, like the one near the the Guerrilla 11 "Camp Riverside" safehouse.

Civilian airfields (JC1)

These are located next to some villages and towns and have only unarmed civilian planes. Usually either a Huerta SPA Ocelot, or a Walker PA Twin Fin. One civilian airfield even has a Stirling Jet Exclusive 9.

Unmarked airfields (JC1)

Some airfields are not marked on the map, such as the military airfield on Isla Dominio. These can be both military and civilian. These are even rarer, since almost every airport in San Esperito is marked.

Military airfields (JC1)

All but one of these are in military bases. The one exception being the one on Isla Dominio. The military airfields have military aircraft: fighter planes and attack helicopters. Rarely both.

Mendoza International Airport should not be confused as a military airport, because even though it is the only airport available to liberate, it is still technically a civilian airport.

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Airports in Just Cause 2

Airports in Panau are more modern than in San Esperito, with the majority having paved runways. Aircraft can normally be seen taking off from the many around Panau, however Panau has no civil aviation. All aircraft which take off at airports (including civilian airports) are piloted by the Panau Military. There are still civilian planes flying around, presumably from the unpaved airstrips not under military control.

There are 14 airports in total within the islands of Panau. They are usually classified as military or civilian, but all official airports are controlled by the Panau Military. There are also some villages and unmarked locations that have airfields with a single plane.

Virtually every military airport is either the starting point of some faction mission or even take place there.

List of airports and airfields (JC2)

Area Settlement Name Coordinates Type
West Tanah Raya Teluk Permata X:9445; Y:5750 Civilian airfield.
Banjaran Gundin X:11760; Y:5060 Air force base.
Name unknown X:13615; Y:4420 Deserted/Uninhabited airfield near Banjaran Gundin.
Pelaut Archipelago Sungai Cengkih Besar X:20910; Y:5575 Air force base.
Paya Luas X:28430; Y:5700 Air force base.
Ramai Rakyat Islands Panau International Airport X:9750; Y:12800 Civilian international airport.
Name unknown X:4390; Y:16400 South of Panau City - Residential District.
East Tanah Raya Gunung Lapik X:20270; Y:22580 No planes, because this is actually an army base. For some reason it's incorrectly marked as an airport on the map.
Kem Udara Wau Pantas X:22170; Y:23240 Air force base.
Lembah Delima X:25920; Y:20220 Civilian airport.
Pekan Tupai Merah X:27180; Y:15540 Village with a civilian airfield.
Cape Carnival X:30170; Y:14070 Military base, but has two airfields.
Lautan Lama Desert Pulau Dayang Terlena X:4460; Y:21180 Air force base.
Sungai Madu Leleh X:6540; Y:21370 Village with a military airfield for Colonel Romel Naivalurua.
Unnamed airport at X:10290; Y:22010 X:10290; Y:22010 Civilian dirt airfield.
Name unknown X:6600; Y:25920 Civilian dirt airfield near Lembah Cerah and Kem Pekan Selamat.
Name unknown X:2970; Y:21935 Deserted/Uninhabited airfield between Pulau Dayang Terlena and Port Gurun Lautan Lama.
Senjakala Islands Kem Jalan Merpati X:9430; Y:28190 Air force base.
Panau Tengah Bay Kampung Tujuh Telaga X:17020; Y:13400 Civilian airfield.
Tanah Lebar X:16090; Y:23450 Air force base.
Sungai Jernih X:12290; Y:25200 No planes, because this is actually an army base. For some reason it's incorrectly marked as an airport on the map.
Kem Sungai Sejuk X:17140; Y:12370 Air force base.
Selatan Archipelago Kampung Lembah Danau X:24510; Y:30450 Village with a civilian airfield to the south. Everything there still counts to the completion of the village though.
Pulau Dongeng X:22280; Y:26725 Military base, but has an airfield.

Unmarked airfields (JC2)

In addition to the official airports, listed in the section above, there's many unmarked areas throughout Panau that look like unmarked airfields, or are otherwise suitable for landing planes.

Majority of blue marked airstrips are for starting air races or they are part of Military bases in Panau, that are not marked as Airports. Green are random areas that allow landings.

Gallery (JC2)

Airports in Just Cause 3

See also: Airports in Medici.

Medici has many airports, most of which are small unmarked airstrips meant for light aircraft. Surprisingly, unlike the last two games there is no main airport or any known commercial airports. All of the marked airports are military or rebel controlled, however, as mentioned, there are many unmarked airports throughout Medici.

The largest airport in the game is one of these unmarked airports, although still tiny by real life standards.

This is a complete list of all airports and airstrips in Just Cause 3. The Stria Ghibli 3 is a float plane so the below list does not contain a list of coastal towns.

Table of locations (JC3)

Province Location Name Coordinates Type
Capite West Porto Cavo N 40 43.940 E 5 34.265 Port with a runway.
Unnamed dirt runway in Capite West N 40 43.310 E 5 34.315 Unmarked dirt runway used for an air race.
Unnamed airport in southern Capite West N 40 43.020 E 5 34.715 Unmarked civilian airport. On the same island as the one above.
Cauda Grotta Contrabandero N 40 40.780 E 5 34.720 Rebel base with a runway inside a mountain.
Costa Sud Griphon N 40 44.530 E 5 44.520 Large air force base.
Falco Falco Maxime: Centcom N 40 48.185 E 5 41.670 Large base with four runways.
Grande Pastura Guardia Grande Pastura II N 40 49.985 E 5 42.185 Small air force base.
Libeccio Unnamed airstrip in central Libeccio

N 40 46.080 E 5 37.770

Small dirt airstrip next to some farms.
Unnamed dirt runway in north-west Libeccio N 40 46.880 E 5 34.875 Dirt runway used for an air race.
Litore Torto Guardia Litore Torto II N 40 49.900 E 5 46.270 Small airforce base.
Maestrale Vulture N 40 47.630 E 5 36.880 Large air force base with three runways.
Unnamed airport near Porto Tridente N 40 49.035 E 5 33.810 Large civilian and military airfield.
Unnamed airport south of Porto Tridente

N 40 48.270 E 5 32.590

A dirt strip next to some ruins. Used in the final mission.
Nebio Sud Unnamed airport on Insula Lacrima N 40 51.560 E 5 37.880 A large Black Hand controlled airport, the only on Insula Lacrima.
Plagia Guardia Plagia II N 40 42.625 E 5 44.030 Sizeable civilian airfield next to the aforementioned outpost. It is the only airport on mainland Insula Fonte.
Soros Unnamed airstrip near Cava de Rebelles. N 40 37.115 E 5 38.820 A small dirt airstrip presumably controlled by The Rebellion.
Umbra Refugio Umbra N 40 46.455 E 5 44.575 Rebel base with an underground hangar and runway.
Volcano island in Medici Unnamed airstrip on the volcano island in Medici

N 40 51.130 E 5 28.140

Small vague unmarked airstrip on the volcano island.

Unnamed airstrip near Cava de Rebelles

  • Location: N 40 37.115 E 5 38.820
  • Type: Airstrip.

The airstrip is likely the main airport for The Rebellion. It is easy to take off and land from. Rebel trucks and Urga U17 Akrobats spawn here. All aircraft except the U41 Ptakojester can be landed here. It is at the southernmost point of Medici, so flying from or to here is extremely inconvenient.

Guardia Plagia II

  • Location: N 40 42.625 E 5 44.030
  • Type: Small civil airport.

The largest of all non military airports. This is used by civilians, presumably for flights off the island. It is very easy to use and has two small runways to land on. Military vehicles and Urga U17 Akrobats spawn here. All aircraft can be landed here. The U41 Ptakojester can easily be taken off, although landing may take some skill due to its wingspan. The airport also features an ATC tower. It is very easy to land here. It is the only airport on the Insula Fonte main island, which is strange considering the amount of air traffic in the region.

Grotta Contrabandero

  • Location: N 40 40.780 E 5 34.720
  • Type: Airstrip in a cave.

This is a rare airstrip because the runway is mostly underground meaning it is only accessible at two ends. This is a relatively difficult place to land, because you can only land at the very tip of the runway. Carmen Albatrosses, CS7 Thunderhawks, and U-7 Dravecs spawn at this location. All aircraft except the U41 Ptakojester can be landed here.

Unnamed airport in southern Capite West

  • Location: N 40 43.020 E 5 34.715
  • Type: Apparent civilian airport.

This runway is bigger than most airstrips and can only be described as empty. It only has a few oil silos and an ATC tower. It is very easy to land here as it is a long large paved area. A single Urga U17 Akrobat spawns here. All aircraft can be landed here, although the U41 may take some skill to land given its large wingspan. Other things worth noting is the air traffic control tower structure spawning at the location and the flashing runway lights that run all night and day.

This entire airfield is abandoned aside from a single rebel.

Porto Cavo

  • Location: N 40 43.940 E 5 34.265
  • Type: Second rate airforce base.

Needs to be liberated before use!

The largest runway on the smaller islands. It is perfect to land and take off the U41 Ptakojester and all other aircraft. Any combination of Carmen Albatrosss, U-7 Dravecs and CS7 Thunderhawks spawn here as well as The Rebellion and Medici Military vehicles. It is easy to land on because it has a clear way to go straight on to it.

The Carmen Albatrosss spawn only after this base is liberated.


  • Location: N 40 44.530 E 5 44.520
  • Type: First rate airforce base.

Needs to be liberated before use!

The smallest of all the airbases. This can be used for all aircraft except the U41 Ptakojester. U-7 Dravecs and CS7 Thunderhawks will take off and patrol the base making it harder to land. If the guard posts are destroyed it's possible to land a U41 Ptakojester here.

Falco Maxime: Centcom

  • Location: N 40 48.185 E 5 41.670.
  • Type: First rate airforce base.

Disable FOW and liberate before use!

The largest and most difficult base in the game has 4 large runways which all planes but the U41 Ptakojester can land on. Several CS7 Thunderhawks and U-7 Dravecs can be seen taking off and taxiing. The FOW must be disabled to use. As there are 4 large runways it is fairly easy to land here.

Refugio Umbra

  • Location: N 40 46.455 E 5 44.575.
  • Type: Airstrip with one end in a cave.

Another underground runway. This one has only one entrance and a lot of planes and helicopters spawning on the runway. It is relatively easy to take off but very diffcult to land here. Several Carmen Albatrosss, U-7 Dravecs, and CS7 Thunderhawks spawn here but only the best pilots can land any planes here. 

One relatively easy way to land is to land exactly on the tip of the airstrip.

Guardia Litore Torto II

  • Location: N 40 49.900 E 5 46.270.
  • Type: Second rate airforce base.

Needs to be liberated before use!

A smaller less armed airbase that once liberated, will provide 2 long runways to test out aircraft. U-7 Dravecs and CS7 Thunderhawks will spawn in hangers. The U41 Ptakojester can not fit but all other aircraft can be landed here as it is very easy to set a landing angle.

Guardia Grande Pastura II

  • Location: N 40 49.985 E 5 42.185.
  • Type: Second rate airforce base.

Needs to be liberated before use!

A small weapons outpost with a long and narrow runway which on one side leads off a cliff, and on the other, into the hillside. It is recommended to reverse toward the hillside and take off from the cliff side. There is a helipad which spawns a CS Navajo. The hangars spawn a CS7 Thunderhawk and a U-7 Dravec.


  • Location: N 40 47.630 E 5 36.880.
  • Type: First rate airforce base.

Needs to be liberated before use!

Vulture is a large airbase with 3 runways great for taking off with all aircraft except the U41 Ptakojester. The CS7 Thunderhawk and the U-7 Dravec can be seen landing on the main runway. More spawn inside the hanger.

According to the map description: "The military airport of Vulture stores a massive compliment of jets and bombers in its underground hangars. The famous Hirundine Squadron, which has protected Medici's skies for 100 years, calls Vulture home."

Unnamed airport near Porto Tridente

  • Location: N 40 49.035 E 5 33.810.
  • Type: Civilian airport. With a 1 km field, this is the largest airport in Medici.

Rico can spawn here when the game is started. This place is used during the mission Stowaway.

There's a few Guard towers in the area with soldiers guarding the airport until the province is liberated. The airport is located in the north-west portion of Medici, east of the Volcano Island in Medici. An easy way (and probably fastest) to get to it is to Fast Travel to the "Volo Martino" air race challenge.

All aircraft including the U41 Ptakojester can take off or land here. A Medici Military U-7 Dravec can be found here always, even after the entire map is liberated. A Urga U17 Akrobat can be found here as well. There is a bridge at the eastern end of the runway so be mindful of that when taking off. This airport spawns military-tagged vehicles, even if you have liberated the whole region.

Unnamed airstrip south of Porto Tridente

  • Location: N 40 48.440 E 5 32.645.
  • Type: Small airstrip, no infrastructure.

This airfield is used during the mission Son of Medici. There is a warehouse nearby which spawns an Urga Hrom D, which can be easily obtained by flying directly upward, as there is no roof overhead. There are some ancient ruins located here, which Rosa Manuela uses to hold a rebellion speech during the final mission. All planes except the U41 Ptakojester can be landed here. The runway is at higher elevation than the land at both its ends, so taking off from here is easy. No vehicles or NPCs spawn here, but sometimes you can see land vehicles driving to the airstrip and then immediately turning around as the road ends there.

Mech Land Assault DLC

Two runways were added at Insula Lacrima in the Mech Land Assault DLC.

Unnamed airport on Insula Lacrima

With a 1 km field, this is the second largest airport in Medici. It's the same size as the one near Porto Tridente, but one end is obstructed by a mountain. Also, there's less airport infrastructure here.

This airfield is used during the mission Stowaway. There is a hangar at the end similar to the ones found at Vulture and Griphon. It is surrounded by hostile SAMs that while able to be hacked, still revert to military control if Rico goes some distance away. Any aircraft can land here. The player should be wary of trees and the communications towers when taking off or landing a U41 Ptakojester.

Flat area at eDEN Station: The Rogue

Main article: eDEN Station: The Rogue.

EDEN Station: The Rouge has a small flat area (probably for Drones) that some people insist is an airfield. It's very difficult to land on due to its size, but a very skilled pilot can land even a U41 Ptakojester on it.

Airports in Just Cause 4

Civilian airports in Just Cause 4

Solís has a diverse set of airports scattered around the world. Just like the first 2 games, an international airport is present this time around. Any other airports are unmarked airstrips and military bases, with the exception of Aeropuerto Nueva Voz.

Aeropeurto General Benitez

Main article: Aeropeurto General Benitez.

Aeropuerto General Benitez is the main international airport of Solís. It is located in the Islas Intichayes region, just south of Quya. It's massive compared to the other airports in previous games, and just like Just Cause's international airport, there's a diversity of vehicles. There's EM-979 Airliners scattered around, taking off and landing and even flying over. There's also EM-909 Private Jets, Emsavion Cropdusters, helicopters and even a SkyCastle Cargo Jet (doesn't spawn every time and may take some time to spawn).

Aeropuerto Nueva Voz

Main article: Aeropuerto Nueva Voz.

Aertpuerto Nueva Voz is a large private commuter airport. North of Nueva Voz, EM-979 Airliners and Emsavion Cropdusters can be found at this airport. The airport has no civilian terminal. It is speculated that this airport is reserved only for wealthy businessmen and those close to Oscar Espinosa.

Quya airstrip

Just a little east from the main part in Quya, there's a little airstrip that has a Emsavion Cropduster and the EM-909 Private Jet taking off. It is speculated that this is Quya's regional airport, reserved only for small domestic and private business flights unlike the international Aeropuerto General Benítez located south of Quya. 

Villanueva airport

Villanueva has a mid-sized airport with two parallel runways that fit EM-909 Private Jets. In total, five aircraft spawn at this airport. Four EM-909 Private Jets (one taxis and takes off) and one Emsavion Floatplane (parked). Notably, two Calzada Ambulancias spawn next to the largest hangar building. The airport services the northern areas of the jungle biome in Solis. It is a domestic airport, with scheduled flights likely only to Quya and Nueva Voz.

Los Gorriones airstrip

There is a small airstrip in Los Gorriones used by cropduster pilots who service the nearby feilds. It provides the cropduster pilots of Los Gorriones with a steady source of income. 

Airstrip near Pueblo Kullu/Hamparas

A tiny dirt airstrip with a single Emsavion Cropduster. It likely serviced the areas of Solís under Army of Chaos control during the beginning of the rebellion (before the capture of Islas Intichayes). The Helipuerto Tepuyes helipad is located immediately above the airstrip. The airstrip is practically unusable due to the narrowness and trees on both sides of the runway. Interestingly, the hangar and Emsavion Cropduster parked at the airport are located on an elevated patch of land, making taxiing the Emsavion Cropduster to the runway almost impossible (this was likely a design oversight by the developers).

Airstrip near T'ira-Kuni/Macchu Sacha

This small airstrip is only one of three airstrips in the game where the ultralight aircraft spawns.  It is located directly below T'ira-Kuni and directly above Macchu Sacha. A large house can be found directly adjacent to the airport, which is likely where the airstrip's personnel live. The runway is short, yet considerably wide for a dirt runway in the jungles of Solís.

Airstrip northeast of El Abismo

A mid-size dirt airstrip can be found northeast of El Abismo right next to Tumba de la Princesa. The runway is littered with fuel barrels which must be disposed of before an attempt to takeoff or land. The pro-rebellion graffiti on the airport facilities suggest that this was the main airstrip used by the Army of Chaos before the breakout from Hanasacha. A SkyCastle Cargo Jet wreck can be found here.

Isla Amarilla

A small airstrip with a dirt runway and hangar can be found on Isla Amarilla. The airstrip serves as the main way for the island's vegetable oil to be transferred to mainland Solís. Oddly, the only civilian planes with enough space to adequately land here are the Emsavion Cropduster and the Ultralight, so cargo must be transferred in these small planes (the airstrip is too small for a cargo plane to land and take off). The airstrip is located in the western part of the island near the farm buildings.

Playa De Las Cuevas airstrip

A small dirt airstrip used for cropdusting is located just north of Playa De Las Cuevas. A single Emsavion Cropduster spawns here. The cropduster pilots that fly here likely service the farmland of Tierras Bajas.

Promesas airstrip

The only landing strip in the deserts of Solís. There is an incredibly small dirt runway next to a restaurant where an Emvasion Cropduster can be found.

Campamento Mara

Strangely, there is no runway at Campamento Mara. However, an Emvasion Cropduster does spawn by some fuel tanks at the center of the facility. 

Airfield at Descansito

It has an Ultralight. This is one of the smallest civilian airfields at Solís.

Heliports and military airstrips in Just Cause 4

There are many military airfields in Solís.

Helipuerto Tepuyes

Main article: Helipuerto Tepuyes.

The map description reads "A small Black Hand outpost annexed to the proving grounds at Prospero Robótica."

It's a large helipad with a single Firebrand Scout Chopper. Located at a cliff edge near Pueblo Kullu. There's a generator, fuel tank and large antenna tower. A Cavalry Armored Truck and Ranchero Truck spawn here. There's a small airstrip in the forest just south of the helipad.


  • Wingsuit Stunt - Pass through the rings under 25 seconds.
  • Bike Stunt - Pass through the ring in a Prospero Hunter Bike (found in Prospero Robótica).

Helipuerto Extremo

Main article: Helipuerto Extremo.

"This heliport once supported a skydiving business, but went under some time ago and has been abandoned since."

Sargento's "Training: Communication Skills" starts here.

Helipuerto Kunka

Main Article: Helipuerto Kunka

This is one of the most remote heliports in the game with NPCs. It's pretty small and it's incorrectly labeled as a Settlement and not a Military Base.

Unnamed airstrip near Punto Sur in Recalada region

This airstrip consists of an asphalt runway and a hangar building. Aeropuerto General Benítez is located across the water to the east. Two Fellhawk Jet Fighters spawn here. A Pointman Scout Tank spawns inside the hangar. The location is quite sophisticated considering it's not marked on the map, as there's a SAM, antenna tower as well as two guard towers and the road to the airstrip has base-like gates. This is likely some kind of unmarked outpost.

Helipuerto Urqu

Main article: Helipuerto Urqu.

This place has what is probably the shortest official runway in Solís. It is a relatively small heliport, and is incorrectly labeled as a natural feature on the map, and not a base. 

Prospero Aeroespacial

Main article: Prospero Aeroespacial.

This base/factory is relatively large and has multiple levels and areas, divided by the geography. There are steep mountains and cliffs all around the base. On one side there there is a railroad, but strangely no station and on another side is a small lake that has a waterfall that begins a river. There are 4 road entrances.

There are two main runways and two smaller runway-like places where planes could take off from, but which are meant to park planes. In addition to those there are 4 helicopter landing pads. The main building, next to the runway, has multiple large armored hangar doors. Some hangars are open and have aircraft parked inside and others are closed.

Airstrip at Base Aérea Yanacagua

The airstrip at Base Aérea Yanacagua is vitally important to Black Hand international operations. One of every type of military aircraft spawn at this airstrip. Oddly, the runway is abnormally short which makes landing virtually impossible while other planes are parked at the airstrip.

Airstrip at Illapa

A small airstrip can be found at the main Illapa facility. Two of every military fighter jet in Army of Chaos livery can be found here after the mission.