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Icon during a phonecall, or radio transmission.
Character in Just Cause 3
First appearance Time For An Upgrade
Faction The Rebellion
Job Rebel radio host
Last known status Alive

Alessia is a character in Just Cause 3.

Personal info

She likes fast cars and dislikes old cars. She was born in Manaea.


She is first encountered in the game just after Time For An Upgrade.

She works for The Rebellion as a radio broadcaster. Her announcements inform the people about recently liberated settlements and at times talks to Rico to tell him her opinion on the vehicle he delivered to Mario's garages. She also keeps Rico informed during the mission The Watcher on The Wall. She also informs Rico about Rebellion related random encounters the player may stumble upon such as "Convoy Rescue", "Rebel Breakout", and "Make It Look Like An Accident".

Her opinions on vehicles

Whenever Rico brings a vehicle to one of Mario's garages, she expresses her opinion on the vehicle. See Rebel drop for a list of her opinions.


  • Her counterpart under Di Ravello's government is the General's News Network.
  • Alessia and the unnamed host of GNN are both never seen and the locations of their transmitting stations are unknown.