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Alexander Mirkov
Alexander Mirkov
Character in Just Cause 2
First appearance Three Kings
Job First a KGB agent, then a Moscow Mafia boss and finally a secret ambassador to Panau
Last known status Dead

Alexander Mirkov is a character in Just Cause 2.

Quote from the PDAEdit

Mirkov's "diplomatic career" began with the KGB. When the Soviet Union (USSR) collapsed, he transformed himself effortlessly into a Moscow mafia boss, making a fortune selling off military hardware from suitcase-nukes to second-hand warships.

Ice-cold, ruthless, his heavy set-features give away his roots in Ukrainian blacksmith stock.

Always a loyal friend to his ex KGB friends, when the offer came for an "interesting" posting as a Second Trade Secretary to the Russian Embassy in Panau, Mirkov couldn't resist. He conveniently arrived six months before Papa Panay was blown up.

Mirkov's real task: to assess all anti-government groups on the island, select the best candidate then fund and train said group until the candidate of their choice could be placed in the palace.

He views Razak Razman as a convenient ally and admires the organized brutality of the Roaches.

Actions in PanauEdit

Alexander Mirkov is mentioned in the cut-scene at the end of the fourth Agency mission "Mountain Rescue". He is said to be supporting the Roaches and that he admired the organized brutality of Razak Razman's forces.

He enters the game in the fifth Agency mission Three Kings. After Rico kills Zhang Sun (the Chinese representative in Panau and supporter of the Reapers), Mirkov shows himself in a cut-scene taunting Rico and Sheldon. He shouts to a helicopter pilot over the phone: "Send me my tank - NOW!". As he says that, the person he shouted at over the phone arrives in a H-62 Quapaw, flies up to the top of the Three Kings Hotel and drops an SV-1003 Raider onto the roof. This is odd because the SV-1003 Raider is an armored personnel carrier, not a tank and because an H-62 Quapaw can't normally lift one of those.

Mirkov then invites Rico to "Taste the wrath of Mother Russia!" The cut-scene then ends and Tom Sheldon shows up in a UH-10 Chippewa. Sheldon helps distract Mirkov by shooting at him, giving Rico the opportunity he needs to kill Mirkov, who uses his last words to say: "You may have beaten me, but not my homeland!". Sheldon then jumps out of the Chippewa, which crashes into the Raider and explodes, killing Mirkov for good. At the end of the mission, Tom comments that he "hates Commies".

It can be assumed that his weapon of choice is the Minigun since it is the only weapon that he uses. In fact, he cannot be grappled out, which could support the fact that his shield protects him all around.


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