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Alvea is a location in Just Cause 3, only appearing with the Mech Land Assault DLC.
Insula Lacrima map


Alvea is one of four provinces of Insula Lacrima. It is connected by bridge to Nebio Nord, but the rest of the island is surrounded by water. Alvea consists of three islands, two of which have nothing on them, but the third has all of the province's points of interest.

Alvea is Romanian for "alve", which is a prefix meaning "through".


Alvea is located west of Nebio Nord and north-west of Novola. The only access to Alvea by land is the old bridge near the Weapons Warehouse.

Settlements and points of interestEdit

  • Alvea Detention Camp. This is the only marked settlement in Alvea.
  • Hive.
  • The docks just north of the hive, with a large door that is used by ships to get into the hive's underground floors.


  • Alphabetically, this is the first province in the full game (with DLC).

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