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This page lists and describes the special abilities of all the amphibious vehicles in the Just Cause game series. For other vehicle types, see Vehicles - disambiguation.
Floating cars

This test was done just outside Kota Pantai Kuala in one of the western arms of the Sungai Sejuk river. You can actually see a small part of the city to the right. Also notice the PBC Tower and the minimap location in the upper left corner. The vehicles include a Dalton N90 and a Vanderbildt LeisureLiner.


Amphibious vehicles (Wikipedia article) are land vehicles that can also travel in water (or at least float). This can mean it is possible for the car to be removed from the water using either Rico himself, his Grappler, or another vehicle. Submerged vehicles will appear and work normally when taken out of the water.

All other land vehicles explode or become unrecoverable when in water.

See also: Stationary vehicles and Vehicle wrecks.

List of amphibious vehicles and their abilitiesEdit

Game Vehicle Maneuverability
Just Cause The Vampire Floats, but can't move. The wheels are about 50-60% underwater. Real monster trucks float the same way, but they can be driven, because the large tire threads will enable the vehicle to slowly drive. Stunt position works.
Other land vehicles Sink immediately and explode in 5 seconds.
Just Cause 2 Agency Hovercraft Can be driven well at high speed. This is a proper amphibious vehicle. Stunt position works.
Dalton N90 Floats, but can't move. Rico will automatically exit the car when it's in water. The water line is at the approximate height of the mirrors and the top edge of the cargo compartment. Can't drive on water. Stunt position does not work.
Monster Truck Floats, but only moves using momentum gained from land acceleration. If it's blown up while in the water, the wheels fly off, but the wreck will still float. Stunt position works but attempting to enter the vehicle while in the water is nearly impossible.
Vanderbildt LeisureLiner Floats, but can't move. Oddly, the front end will be deeper in the water than the rear end, even though the engine is in the rear. Rico will lose his oxygen when in the bus. Once he exits, he won't be able to get back in, but the stunt position will still work.
Maddox FVA 45 Floats, and the Mounted Gun (if fitted) can sometimes be used when submerged. Stunt position does not work.
Niseco Coastal D22 The waterlevel is near the roof. Stunt position does not work. Some of the suitcases on the roof are above water.
Just Cause 3 All vehicles. Unlike in the previous games, they will be perfectly fine if they're pulled out of water. In previous games, sinking a non-amphibious vehicle would destroy it.
CS Baltdjur Can be driven well on land and sea. This is meant to be a proper amphibious vehicle. Stunt position works.
All ground vehicles Float for a few seconds, but only as long as the speed is relatively high. Most do not produce thrust while in the water, so this can only be used to cross narrow rivers. Stunt position presumably works.
All planes They're reported to float for about a half a minute. Stunt position very briefly works.
U41 Ptakojester Cargo plane that floats on water for about a minute and 30 seconds. Stunt position works. The plane reportedly sinks quickly when the cargo doors are open.
Stria Ghibli 3 Small seaplane. Stunt position works.
Urga Racek Small water landing helicopter. Stunt position works.
Urga Postolka Once destroyed the fuselage floats for more than a minute before sinking.
All helicopters They all float for about a minute, destroyed or not destroyed, then sink.
Just Cause 4 Reptile AAV This vehicle is an amphibious APC that closely resembles the CS Odjur.
Some sea plane. Can land into water.
All other land vehicles. Sink instantly, or almost instantly. They can still be entered if they're grappled out, but won't function.
C3 Canvasback Hovercraft New Agency hovercraft, added by the Danger Rising DLC. Functions well on sea and land.
Hellbender Another Agency hovercraft, added by the Sea Dogs vehicle pack DLC.
SS Borracho Heavily customized amphibious truck that looks like an old ship. Armed with 7 cannons. Also comes in the DLC Sea Dogs vehicle pack.

Monster Truck (destroyed and floating)

A destroyed Monster Truck still floats in JC2.


Main article: Modifying.

Some mods in JC2 make some vehicles amphibious. So far there's no mod that allows powered movement in water, but it can be very helpful if one's vehicle can cross rivers by floating across after gaining speed on dry land.

Powered amphibious movement could probably be possible in JC3 and JC4, if a modded vehicle is based on the CS Baltdjur, or Reptile AAV handling lines.

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