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Annika Svennson
Annika Svennson
During An Act of Piracy.
Character in Just Cause 3
First appearance Connect the Dots
Faction The Rebellion
Job Mercenary,
Last known status Alive

Annika Svennson is a character in Just Cause 3.

Personal historyEdit

Her name is Swedish. And during the Bavarium Sea Heist DLC, Rico calls her "Ms. Sweden", implying that she is from Sweden.

According to Rico's observations in the mission The Great Escape, "inside she is a big softy". Her response confirms this, but she threatens violence if Rico were to tell anyone.

Mario Frigo likes her "because she's so manly".


She's a mercenary hired by Dimah. Upon learning that the Rebellion wants to "piss off Di Ravello" (her exact words), she asked for twice her pay, but Dimah refused.

She and Teo ask Rico to acquire the "invincible" Imperator Bavarium Tank (in the mission An Act of Piracy) for its presumably high price on the black market.

Annika does not know how to fly, but Teo compensates for that because he can fly, thus getting her from location to location.

In the Bavarium Sea Heist DLC, Annika is the self-appointed leader/brains of the heist crew consisting of herself, Tom Sheldon, Looch and Rico Rodriguez. As the leader, she demonstrates a very bossy and no-nonsense personality; something which agitates Sheldon.

At the conclusion of the mission The Heist Begins, Annika tells Looch and Rico not to wait up for Sheldon before splitting the "loot" acquired from Stingray. After it's revealed that Sheldon double-crossed everyone and made off with the loot, Annika is obviously very angry, but acknowledges Sheldon's craftiness by stating "Well played Texas, you son of a bitch."


  • She looks so similar to Maria Kane that when she first appeared in trailers, a lot of fans thought she was Maria.
  • She has scars on her arms and face. The cause of these is unknown. It could have been a wild animal that attacked her, or she could have driven a bicycle down a steep hill and then immediately through some bushes. The scars are never explained in-game.


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