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Army of Chaos
JC4 Mira mentions the Army of Chaos in the Story trailer
Mira mentions the Army of Chaos in the Story trailer. This is a cut-scene from the mission Operation Whiteout. Note that these rebels never appear in-game.
Faction in Just Cause 4
Goal, or purpose Overthrow Oscar Espinosa's rule in Solís.
Fight off the Black Hand.
Assist Rico in taking down The Agency (after Oscar Espinosa is dead).
Leader Rico and Mira Morales
Starting base, or HQ El Abismo
Source of money Popular support of the people

The Army of Chaos is a faction in Just Cause 4.


This faction is founded after Rico helps defend El Abismo from the Black Hand. The founding members are the population of El Abismo. They were already dissidents and considered outlaws by the government.

The term "army of chaos" is first used in a sentence by Sargento. Rico and Mira then agree to call the faction that.

The Solino Civil War starts when this faction is formed.

Instead of liberating all military installations and towns in a region (as would have been the case in previous games in the series), completing missions in the Sargento line will unlock additional options to advance the army. The army can normally advance along the front when the player has caused enough chaos to have unlocked enough "squads" to command the army to advance.

After the final mission, Rico and Sheldon decide to take down The Agency. Mira tells them the Army has their backs.

The number 43 seems to have some significance to the organization as all their fighter and bomber jets are marked with this on their tail.


Members are normally gained by accepting volunteers from civilians. Santiago from the Solís Hoy radio even mentions that there's a number of people who are disgruntled and have things to complain about, who might feel that this is their best option.

  • Rico Rodriguez - Leader.
  • Mira Morales - Seems to be second in command, but in The Illapa Project some intel was mentioned to be for her eyes only. You can also find her during free roam at Prospero Astillero and Ojo De La Pradera.
  • Luis - Also called "Sargento". He sets up the objectives (missions) for the Army/Rico and seems to be the third in command.
  • Izzy - Hacker who monitors Black Hand communications and aids the Army/Rico in some missions.
  • Supply drop pilots:
    • Fortuna.
    • Bulldog.
    • Haragán.
    • Bailarina.
    • Brujo.
    • Humo.
    • Fiera.
  • Tom Sheldon - Rico's former mentor. He also doubles as a pilot, adviser, and machine gunner.
  • César - Conspiracy theorist and pilot.
  • Lanza Morales - A scientist who happens to be the uncle of Mira and the father of Gabriela.
  • Several more unnamed hackers are met during Sargento missions.
  • A large number of unnamed soldiers and pilots.
  • At the end of the mission Operation Illapa, some Black Hand members defect. This is later confirmed by the Solís Hoy radio that mentions that the defected members are fighting alongside the Army of Chaos.
  • There are a number of Army of Chaos models in cut scenes wearing not yet military grade, but still functional equipment (riot gear, tactical vests) that look much cooler than the ones seen in-game. Unfortunately, these seem to be unable to be seen again after the game is completed.

In combatEdit

Rico commonly says "They're holding their own." near the frontline.

The Army of Chaos soldiers are generally weaker than their counterpart, the Black Hand. As oppose to the heavily-armed and well-trained Black Hand, the Army of Chaos consist of civilian volunteers. While idle, some Army of Chaos soldiers will comment that they had never fired a weapon before the Civil War happened but they are willing to use their guts and tenacity to even out with the Black Hand. In an even fight, the Army of Chaos soldiers will almost always lose to the Black Hand as their opponents are better armored, can shoot their weapons more accurately, move more tactically, throw grenades faster and have more special archetypes that can make short work of the Army. To make up for their lack of training, the Army of Chaos can overwhelm their opponents through sheer number, versatility and unpredictability. In CQC situations, the Army of Chaos is seemingly able to take out the Black Hand much easier since they can freely spray their guns and still be able to hit their opponents. Soldiers from the Army can also takes out their opponents quickly by using grenades. Funny enough, the Army of Chaos soldiers had their accuracy increased when they are firing from cover, ignoring the fact that they almost always blind firing them instead of taking proper aims like the Black Hand soldiers do.

As for RPG operators and snipers, they seem to perform the exact same as their Black Hand counterparts, and when using vehicles they are identical. There are unique Army of Chaos soldiers at some locations that use standard Black Hand weapons rather than the Army of Chaos counterparts (See the "Weapons" section below) but they don't seem to be particularly skilled compared to the standard soldiers, but they may actually have better performance.

Army of Chaos soldiers will prioritize the use of mounted weapons if they are close to one. Through the use of miniguns, mortars, rail guns and AA guns, the Army can reliably take down any soldiers without much problems.

Another point worth noting is that the Army of Chaos soldiers are especially dangerous when they are firing from the side of the Dropzone Chopper or when grappling down from it. Provided that they are not being attacked by RPG soldiers, snipers, tanks, AA guns and other helicopters, soldiers during these particular instances are extremely accurate with their weapons and can wipe out squads of infantry (even the very agile Ghost archetype cannot hope to defeat these Army soldiers) all by themselves without the aid of Rico. They are also very accurate when firing from a land vehicle but not as accurate compared to doing that from the Dropzone Chopper.

Army of Chaos soldiers, for some reason, are able to shoot through the armor of Super Elite soldiers. While Rico has to aim specifically for their heads to do any damage (unless using explosives), the Army soldiers can simply fire directly at any parts of their bodies and still be able to hurt them. An Army of Chaos soldier with the use of a minigun can rip through a squad of Super Elites with seemingly no difficulty unless the soldier is killed by a grenade.

Overall, they are only helpful when in vehicles like helicopters, tanks and planes. They are particularly helpful in planes since they will take care of Black Hand fighters and bombers for you, or at the very least keep them occupied, while it can be difficult to deal with planes for the player.

Random battles in the countryside when the whole map is taken over are different. Then they normally initially spawn in about even numbers with the Black Hand, but they normally eventually win by getting more frequent reinforcements and by the game simply not sending any more Black Hand. In these random battles it normally looks like the Black Hand should easily be able to win with the aid of an armored vehicle, but the vehicle (if any) is normally used somewhat conservatively and the Army of Chaos eventually destroy it by throwing hand grenades at it.

In the absence of SAMs (such as at small outposts) they have little defense against helicopters or jets and are easily decimated. Usually, their only defense is a random Army of Chaos chopper showing up.


The Army of Chaos uses captured Black Hand vehicles, and repaint them in bright colors. See the Vehicles in Just Cause 4 article for all currently known vehicles and pictures.

Eventually, they end up taking over and capturing all Black Hand bases, but the above listed vehicles are seen in use in missions and the front.


They have some weapons that appear to be their counterparts to some Black Hand weapons, although some members still use captured Black Hand weaponry. Their own weapons are generally weaker than those of the Black Hand, due to Army weapons' lack of secondary fire and somewhat worse performance. These are all brightly colored and can be easily distinguished from Black Hand weaponry. Along with that a lot of these weapons actually look like weapons from Just Cause 3.

Unusually, the Army of Chaos use Black Hand weaponry at certain bases including Prospero Torretas, Campo Infierno, Base Aérea Yanacagua. This can be explained by using captured weaponry, as history has shown throughout time.


  • Chaos has always been one of the keywords associated with the Just Cause game series, so the name is quite fitting. Chaos points have been used in previous games to measure game progress among a few other examples.
  • Their vehicles (brightly colored) have been seen in multiple trailers before, but their name was announced in the below "20 minutes live gameplay presentation" video.
  • Unlike Just Cause 3's factions, random unnamed soldiers can be seen with special armor in cutscenes, making them unable to be seen again if the game is beaten. Some may consider this to be disappointing.



The presentation is hosted by Francesco Antolini. Note that his shirt has the original Just Cause logo.

Just Cause 4 20 Minutes Live Gameplay Presentation ESRB

Just Cause 4 20 Minutes Live Gameplay Presentation ESRB

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