Autostraad is a company in Just Cause 3.
Autostraad billboard at Citate Di Ravello

Autostraad billboard at Citate Di Ravello.


It is a German corporation which makes civilian and utility vehicles. They seem to be a popular contract manufacturer, as many vehicles described under different names have been mentioned to be built by Autostraad, or have their badging and corporate grille. Its product range design and expendability is reminiscent of Mercedes and Volkswagen.

The name Autostraad is similar to the Polish word "Autostrada" which means highway.

Their logo may be an easter egg as it similar to Aperture Science's logo from the Portal Game Series


Almost every vehicle.

According to the Rebel drop description for the Autostraad Kletterer 300, Autostraad has a reputation for reliability, echoing Mercedes influences.

Corporate grilleEdit

The Autostraad corporate grille is made of a split rectangle with the company badge in the space between. In the split sections of the bar are various parallel-running strips of chrome. A preceding design is featured on the Weltbus and features a single, thicker centered strip of chrome.

The overall design evokes both the BMW "kidney grille" and contemporary versions of Mercedes' historic "avant-garde". It also vaguely resembles Kia's "tiger nose" grille.


The manufacturer of several of the below items has been revealed by exploring the JC3 internal vehicle list.

Vehicle Description Picture
Autostraad D90 Modern 4-door luxury saloon car.
Autostraad D90 Front Quarter
Autostraad Weltbus Vintage van.
Jc3 63 Autostraad Weltbus
Autostraad Kletterer 300 ATV.
Jc3 Autostraad Kletterer 300
Custom Kletterer 300 Sports version of the above ATV.
Custom Kletterer 300
Autostraad Reisender 7 Modern cab-over-engine truck for towing semi-trailers.
Autostraad Reisender 7 (front corner)
Autostraad D700 Modern 2-door coupé.
Jc3 Autostraad D700
Geschwind V3000 Motorcycle (badges indicate that it's an Autostraad).
Jc3 Geschwind V3000
Custom Geschwind V3000 Sports version of the above motorcycle.
Custom Geschwind V3000
Windhund 4 Modern 3-door hot hatchback (mentioned in Rebel drop, may have been manufactured in co-operation).
Jc3 Windhund 4
Citispeed Eco 75 Modern city bus (badging and corporate grille indicates it was built in co-operation).
Jc3 Citispeed Eco 75
Stadt-Tresor ST 8530 Modern security van (badging and corporate grille indicates it was built in co-operation).
JC3 Stadt ST8530 Securitate Black
Autostraad Snowmobile Details unknown. See Cut game content from Just Cause 3. None.
Outboard engine Look closely on the engine of the Minnow Fishing Boat.
Minnow Fishing Boat
Weimaraner It is called "v0000_car_autostraad_oldjeep_civilian_01" in the game files.
Weimaraner W3 (Lacrima prisoners, left side)
Nashorn 6100 It is named "v0005_car_autostraad_minetruck_commercial_01" in the game files.
Nashorn 6100
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