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Autostraad Kletterer 300
Jc3 Autostraad Kletterer 300
Vehicle in Just Cause 3
Type ATV
Weapons None
Rarity Standard: Rare in traffic, but plenty of parked locations
Custom: Rebel drop only
List of owners Rico
Top speed (km/h) 115
Top speed (mph) 71

The Autostraad Kletterer 300 is an ATV in Just Cause 3.


This ATV is very firm in a sports-utility style vehicle, with slightly aggressive styling, a front skidplate and a cargo frame. As a result, it is very well suited for off roading.

The Rebel drop description states: "The Kletterer 300 pairs off-roading fun with Autostraad's signature reliability to make beaches, mountains and backroads an adventurer's playground."


The Kletterer 300 is a very potent ATV and a good choice for off-road Races, reaching a top speed of 115km/h on flat terrain with relative ease and able to reach speeds of around 160 to 165km/h using the Nitrous II Gear Mod. The Kletterer and its modified counterpart have a very dramatic four wheel drive system that leads to controllable drifts and understeer. There is a surprising amount of wheelspin for an ATV, which may lead to it slipping out of control when changing direction sharply or on rough terrain. However, it handles high jumps and climbing up hills very well thanks to its soft suspension, abundance of torque and high ground clearance. This is the most stable motorcycle when it comes to off-roading in motorcycle races, as bikes would spin out on any jump in the dirt.

Versions and locationsEdit


  • One at N 40 40.550 E 5 43.935, in a chain link fence enclosure.
  • Has been seen at a few farms.
  • Is the default vehicle provided for the Stunt Jump Sprint race at Maestrale. The vehicle can be kept either after finishing the race or quitting it beforehand.
  • Near to where the mission The Secret of Vis Electra takes place.
  • At an unmarked dock a little to the south-east of Vico Gamba.
  • N 40 46.430 E 5 37.585.
  • N 40 41.610 E 5 35.285. Near a dock.
  • After bringing one to a garage, it can be called in at any time via Rebel Drop.
  • At a street corner near the southern end of Burgoletto.
  • Near a garage at a civilian household, next to 2 Geschwind V3000s. Coordinates: N 40 44.163 E 5 44.341.

"Custom Kletterer 300":

"Crash bomb" vehicle:



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