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Avalanche Studios is the company that made the Just Cause game series.

The logo.


Not to be confused with Avalanche Software, is a video games developer based in Stockholm. They also own studios in New York.


It was founded in March 2003 by Christofer Sundberg, Linus Blomberg and Viktor Blomberg. Avalanche Studios focuses on developing original intellectual properties for games and other media and base their projects on the Avalanche Engine (link to wikipedia). The Avalanche Engine (link to this wiki) is a unique game technology, powering landscapes in explicit detail.

It was reported on October 24th, 2008 that 77 employees were laid off due to Avalanche losing two publishing contracts.

On March 24th Avalanche announced that they have formed a new development studio called Expansive Worlds which is the casual and online games division with a strong focus on community-driven subscription-based titles.
Avalanche JC1

The former Avalanche Studios logo, as seen in Just Cause (1).

Click here for a 10 minute video from 2014, where the company leadership talks about the company history, focusing mostly on the New York division that created Just Cause 3. See the video section below about life at their Stockholm studio.

It was announced on May 30th, 2018 that the company was purchased by Nordisk Film. They had been a minority share holder for a year and now bought the rest of them. The company is now estimated to cost about 117 million euros. Mikkel Weider, Managing Director at Nordisk Film Games, is said to be impressed with the "results" of Avalanche Studios and with how "Avalanche Studios has built a world-class team and created a unique company culture that perfectly matches our own values."

Reportedly: "Under Nordisk Film’s ownership, Avalanche Studios’ strategy will remain unaltered. It will continue as a creatively independent game studio, developing its own IP’s, as well as catering to third-party publishers and license holders. Following the deal, co-founders Christofer Sundberg and Linus Blomberg will remain at Avalanche Studios, focusing on the creative and technical aspects of its games development. The management team, with CEO Pim Holfve at the helm, will also continue unchanged."

Also reportedly: "Agreements with outside publishers that are already existing will continue as well (such as Avalanche's partnership with Bethesda to develop Rage 2), with the door left open for both new publisher partnerships large and small. Self-published games aren't going anywhere, either, especially with the addition of the Malmö studio to focus on "small and flexible projects." Holfve said that the company will accelerate its self-publishing, with games such as Avalanche's theHunter fitting in well with Nordic's ideas for games as services. "We have been running theHunter Classic as a service for almost a decade, and that's also how we think about our upcoming self-published games as well," Holfve said. "theHunter: Call of the Wild has been supported with new DLC (paid and free), game updates, community events and more since launch. That's a great blueprint for how we think about our self-published games as active, dynamic services for our fans." "

Fact listEdit

  • Founded: March 2003.
  • Price: 117 000 000 € (as of 2018.05.30).
  • HQ: Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Employes:
    • About 250 (as of April 2016).
    • Over 320 (as of May 2018).
  • Subsidiaries: Expansive Worlds.

Key peopleEdit

A few of the following people might no longer work there.


Game Release year Platforms
Xbox Xbox 360 Xbox One PS2 PS3 PS4 Windows XP Windows Vista, or later
Just Cause 2006 Yes Yes ? Yes No ? Yes Yes
The Hunter (link to wikipedia) 2009 No No ? No No ? Yes Yes
Just Cause 2 2010 No Yes ? No Yes ? No Yes
Renegade Ops (link to wikipedia) 2011 No Yes ? No Yes ? ? Yes
AionGuard (link to wikipedia) Canceled in 2010, but might still be made eventually No Initially yes ? No Initially yes ? No ?
Mad Max (link to wikipedia) 2014 No Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes
Just Cause 3 2015 No No Yes No No Yes No Yes
Just Cause 4 2018 No No Yes No No Yes No Yes

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This is Avalanche Studios

This is Avalanche Studios

Talking to Just Cause 2's Game Director about Creating the Grappling Hook

Talking to Just Cause 2's Game Director about Creating the Grappling Hook

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