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Aviv Panthera
Aviv Panthera
Held by Rico on top of a Guard Tower.
Weapon in Just Cause
Type Submachine gun
Usage Two handed
Maximum ammunition carried 200
Maximum ammunition in the weapon 30
List of owners Black Hand
Rioja Cartel
San Esperito Military
Montano Cartel

The Aviv Panthera is a submachine gun in Just Cause (1).


It has an optic on the top of the gun but it is unknown whether it is simply a red dot sight or more of a scope. The gun's magazine and stock are similar to those of the Heckler & Koch UMP sub-machine gun, so the Pantheras design might have been inspired the UMP.


It's a two-handed submachine gun.

The Panthera is a fairly accurate and powerful weapon, being a formidable foe against most opponents other than soldiers and vehicles.


The panthera becomes very common after the passing of about one quarter of the storyline missions.


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