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Bárbaro Machine Gun
Barbaro Machine Gun
As held by Rico.
Weapon in Just Cause 4
Type Light machine gun
Usage Two handed
Maximum ammunition carried 312
Maximum ammunition in the weapon 104
To unlock Not available through supply drop
List of owners Army of Chaos

The Bárbaro Machine Gun is a weapon in Just Cause 4.


The Bárbaro is a light machine gun exclusively used by the Army of Chaos. This seems to be their counterpart to the Defender Machine Gun. The weapon has a significantly higher rate of fire than the Defender but lacks the deployable shield. The weapon closely resembles the Urga Vdova 89 from Just Cause 3, and has elements that resemble the real-world M60 and PKM machine guns.

It is in Army of Chaos colors.


Same as the more common Defender Machine Gun, but no secondary fire mode. It shoots extremely rapidly, with a fire rate higher than any weapon in the game except for the mounted minigun.


It can only be obtained off dead Army of Chaos soldiers. Sometimes if you kill the Army of Chaos soldiers holding this weapon, they sometimes wouldn't drop the machine gun. Usually this is more common near the front line.


  • Along with the Defender MG, this is the successor to the Urga Vdova 89 from Just Cause 3.
  • Initially this weapon could hold 80 cartridges in a magazine and would allow the player to carry a total of 240. This was later increased in a patch that increased all ammunition numbers.
  • This weapon was initially supposed to be drop-able from Supply drop. This was cancelled before Just Cause 4 was released. See Cut game content from Just Cause 4.
  • Its name translates as "Barbarian Machine Gun".

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