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Banco De Medici a.k.a. "Banca de Medici" is a bank in Just Cause 3.

Their logo as seen on a Mugello Farina Duo.


The bank offices feature the name "Banca de Medici", but the Mugello Farina Duo cars feature the name "Banco de Medici". This is probably the result of some miscommunication between game developers. The article is called Banco de Medici, because the banks name was first featured in a game trailer that showed the car.


It's the state bank of Medici. They have several offices and ATMs at Citate Di Ravello.

The bank logo is an orange circle with three white stars on it. The stars are the Medici state symbol.

The bank is advertised on Mugello Farina Duo cars.

An example of the bank offices is located at N 40 44.644 E 5 39.560, next to "Just Jeans" and "Scorp Avaranch" stores.

In some Towns in Medici there are billboards of "Medici Immobiliar" which is believed to be a real estate agency. The billboards have a picture of same man, who is also pictured on some bank windows. It's not known what connection the bank has with this.

Medici currency

It's unknown what the official currency of Medici is. In-game evidence suggests that multiple currencies are in common circulation.

  • Each bank door has a small sign with some text in the Medician language and the Euro symbol: €.
  • DJ Santosi posters advertise prices in "Ricoin".
    • "Ricoin" might have some hidden wordplay behind it. "Rico" + "Coin" = "Ricoin". Of course, it is entirely possible that this is purely a coincidence.
  • Gas stations in Medici have food advertisements that have both the dollar symbol $ and a cent symbol ¢.
  • One of the warning signs at Porto Vena warns of a fine of up to "E2000".

In the mission Turncoat, Mario says that Zeno was promised five American dollars. When Rico asks "Five… million?", Mario responds "That’s what I said! Millions!", indicating that Medici has a serious inflation problem.