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Bandar Baru Cina
Bandar Baru Cina - Residential.jpg
The east part of the settlement.
Settlement in Panau
Type Village
Geographical Territory Panau Tengah Bay
Influential Territory East Tanah Raya
Coordinates X:17260; Y:18190
Missions that take place here The pursuit in Casino Bust passes the location.

Bandar Baru Cina is a village in Just Cause 2.


The village is typically the fifth location discovered in the game as Karl Blaine drives his car through Bandar Baru Cina during the mission "Casino Bust".

It is a pretty small village, consisting only of a dozen or so houses and a boat gas station. There's also three wooden docks, but those don't appear to be used.

The majority of buildings seem to be of a higher quality than most of the ones at average villages. These are made of gray stone or wood and have red roofs.

The military presence along the dirt road in the village is minimal.

The name means "New Chinese Town" in Malay and Indonesian. It might mean that the village was founded by Chinese settlers in old times, or that the majority of people living here are Chinese.

This town has a tendency to spawn motorcycles, like the Makoto MZ 250, Hamaya Cougar 600 and quite possibly others...


It's a coastal village, with the eastern side facing the inland Panau Falls lagoon. An M2 bridge spans over the village. Two houses are standing below the bridge. There's a lighthouse just west of the village, at a small land toungee. A dirt road passes through the village.



  • According to the "Just Cause 2 Prima Games Pull Out Map", this location is the 3rd location made in this game.
  • 2 MV V880s spawn on the dirt road and start chasing Rico from this location during Casino Bust.




Just Cause 2 - Bandar Baru Cina - civilian village


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