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Bandar Baru Nipah
Bandar Baru Nipah
Settlement in Panau
Type City
Territory Pelaut Archipelago
Coordinates X:15885; Y:4290.
Missions that take place here Pirate Broadcast, Race: PBC Plunge (At the top of the PBC Tower)

Bandar Baru Nipah is a city in Just Cause 2.


The city is quite modern featuring a massive broadcasting tower and modern buildings. The defining feature of the city is the PBC Tower. North of the city is a construction site with three cranes and some red barrels. The M2 Highway divides the city but a single bridge keeps it connected above the highway.

Four Rowlinson K22s spawn in the city.

This city is featured in the mission Pirate Broadcast.

The city translates to "New City Nipah" in Malay and Indonesian, referring to the fact that it's one of the newer settlements in Panau, evident by the fact it is still under construction.


The place was most likely empty at the time of Papa Panay, but when the new regime erected the PBC Tower (the tallest in the game). They also built the new city around it. The city is likely one of the most expansive in Panau , hence the name "New City Nipah."

For some odd reason, there are two resource items towards the top of the PBC Tower.



Note that every parked vehicle here is marked red, meaning you will get Heat if seen in them. However, the Rowlinson K22s here are your Black Market version and they will spawn with machine guns if you upgrade your Black Market version to level 6.


  • The city's name is taken from a certain type of palm trees that grow in the estuaries of Indian and Pacific Ocean. It usually grows among or close to mangroves.
  • It is one of two settlements to spawn the Rowlinson K22, the other being Panau City-Financial District, atop Burj Panau.
  • Using the Extraction option via the Black Market to reach this location isn't recommended unless you are at full health. The drop zone for this city is only slightly above PBC Tower. When Rico jumps from the H-62 Quapaw, and just as you regain control of him, he will impact the north face of the tower and will take damage.



Just Cause 2 Helicopter vs

Just Cause 2 Helicopter vs. statue

Just Cause 2- settlement completion- Bandar Baru Nipah

Just Cause 2- settlement completion- Bandar Baru Nipah

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