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Bandar Kayu Manis
Bandar Kayu Manis
This style of architecture is common in the area.
Settlement in Panau
Type Village, ancient town
Territory Berawan Besar Mountains
Coordinates X:22920; Y:13770.
Missions that take place here Races: "Holy Diver" and "Slopes of Gunung Kudus"

Bandar Kayu Manis is a village/ancient town in Just Cause 2.


The village resembles an old, ancient town and consists of many grey stone buildings with flat roofs and some large stone buildings standing together that looks like an old fortress. The village is located high on a cliff, above the valley where the Gunung Hotel Ski Resort is located. There's a dirt road leading to the village. Long off-road tracks lead from the village down to the ski resort valley. The village is located around 1020 meters high.

A large number of Red Barrels found here.

The settlement may have been built by Mongolian or Tibetan immigrants. There's a lot of settlements that look like this in the mountains. See also: Architecture in Tibet (link to Wikipedia).

The top of the ski resort is located just a few hundred meters away from the settlement.

Bandar Kayu Manis means "Cinnamon Town" in Malay and "Cinnamon Airports" in Indonesian. The Indonesian translation makes no sense for this location as there is no airport or airstrip in or near it.


In the Berawan Besar Mountains, west of the Gunung Hotel Ski Resort. Despite the similar name, this location is far away from the other "Bandar Kayu" location: "Bandar Kayu Buaya".




Just Cause 2 - Bandar Kayu Manis - civilian village

Just Cause 2 - Bandar Kayu Manis - civilian village

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