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Berawan Besar Mountains
Top Of The World
View of Panau City from the "Top of the World" (Snow Peak).
Territory in Panau
Faction Reapers
Gained in Rocket Science
Stronghold Gunung Gila Pangkat Facility
Location in country Center-North

The Berawan Besar Mountains are a snowy mountain range in Just Cause 2.


"Berawan Besar" is Malay and Indonesian for "Large Clouds".

This territory is unlocked in the first Reapers stronghold takeover mission.

After the completion of the stronghold takeover, the area will belong to the Reapers. It's the highest mountain range in Panau, the highest mountain being the Snow Peak. Views from the peaks include many of the nation's landmarks such as the Mile High Club, Panau Falls Casino, and Gunung Hotel Ski Resort. The mountains' wilderness is a very easy area to get lost or stranded in. Due to the larger amount of military bases within this area, it is not hard to come across a military base or facility. The military probably prefers having more bases and facilities due to the isolated area of the Berawan Besar Mountains and likewise, civilians are less frequent because of a higher military presence.

The mountain range provides a massive contrast to the lower elevation tropical forests which surround it. The area is flooded with military bases and consists of very few civilian settlements. While the tropical area is hot, humid, and crowded, the mountain range is frigid, barren and a complete wilderness, with only a few small settlements and a higher frequency of military bases. The mountains also serve to contrast the entire tropical setting - standing out as a frigid wasteland in the middle of a tropical paradise. It also has a forest, a river, and a tropical area going through the center of it. There is a Reapers stronghold on the western half of the mountains. There's a Ski Resort and a frozen lake in the north of the eastern half.

Although the area has cold and snowy weather, there are no glaciers found in the mountain range. There are, however, signs of glacial erosion, even if there are no remaining glaciers.

Steam can always be seen in the exhaled breath of the characters.

A rather unique thing about this district is that all of the military bases here (except two) either start with the words "Bukit", "Kampung", or "Kem". And the other two military bases, Kastelo Singa and Lembah Genting Tinggi, both have Bio Fuel Shafts.


It is constantly snowing on top of the mountains, regardless of cloud coverage. The climate of the Berawan Besar mountains is very unrealistic and varied, as there are some patches of snow reaching down to just a measly 100 feet above sea level. Storms never happen in the mountain range because of this.

Highest known mountainsEdit


It's in the center of Tanah Raya, the largest island of Panau.


The architecture of the region is of Tibeto-Burman origin, and the inhabitants appear to be of Tibeto-Burman descent, however all names in the region remain to be in Malay.


Main article: Achievements.

  • "Top of the World" can be gained at the tallest mountain Snow Peak, at approximately X:20560; Y:11840, near an Ular Boys skull. (which itself is fairly close to the Clear Skies mission marker)
  • "Parachute Climber" is easiest to get here, due to the variety of mountains to climb.


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