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The Black Hand is a faction in the Just Cause game series. There is too much information about them to put into one article, so there is one for their appearance in each game. This is also helpful to avoid spoilers.

This article also holds information relating to the Black Hand that wouldn't fit into the other game-specific articles.

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Common trivia

  • In real life, it is rather unusual for a private paramilitary organization to have so many soldiers and so much high-quality equipment. It is even less common for a mercenary faction to be better-trained and equipped than the military of an economically well off nation, which seems to be the case in JC1.
  • Just Cause 2 is the only game in the Just Cause game series where the Black Hand doesn't appear.
    • However, there is a character model in Just Cause 2 Multiplayer that erroneously states the elite Panauan secret serviceman model as "Black Hand". This character model does have badges with a black fist, but it looks completely different from anything known to represent the Black Hand. It is possible that the game developers may have at some point considered adding the Black Hand into JC2 with that logo.
    • There is an audio file where Rico expresses disappointment while saying "bad day, the Black hand."
    • In the introduction of Just Cause 4, the leader of the Black Hand, Gabriela Morales, reveals in a briefing to Oscar Espinosa that despite their absence, the Black Hand were actually aware of the events of Just Cause 2 and Rico's involvement in the nation of Panau.
  • This also marks Pandak "Baby" Panay as the only antagonist to have never enlisted their services.
  • The term "Black Hand" can refer to a number of things. See here.

Specific to Just Cause

  • They are much more dangerous in this game compared to future games, as they have no less than 2 different types of attack helicopters with quad missile mounts that can kill Rico in one connecting shot.
  • Until Streets of Fire, Black Hand units are the only users of the Haswell Gen2 Vindicator.

Specific to Just Cause 3

  • Their accents are either Australian or South African.
  • They did not own vehicles of their own until the Mech Land Assault/Bavarium Sea Heist DLCs.
  • They had to be re-introduced... 10 years apart because Rico apparently doesn't remember them, despite killing at least 14 of their ranks in San Esperito. This was probably because compared to the other AAA titles in the series, JC1 didn't have a lot of players and wasn't really well known. See also: Timeline of the Just Cause universe.

Specific to Just Cause 4

  • This was the first game in the series where Rico did not have to fight the official military of a nation, as the Black Hand had taken over the duties of the military in Solís since 1518. Technically, they were still a private military corporation as described by Mira as "the world's most powerful private army."
  • This was the first game in the series where they owned a fighter jet that launches 4 missiles at a time. They did however, use fighter jets that launched 2 missiles at a time in JC1.