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  • Just Cause 2 is the only game in the Just Cause game series where the Black Hand doesn't appear.
    • However, there is a character model in Just Cause 2 Multiplayer that erroneously states the elite Panauan secret serviceman model as "Black Hand". This character model does have badges with a black fist, but it looks completely different from anything known to represent the Black Hand.
    • It is possible that the game developers may have at some point considered adding the Black Hand into JC2 with that logo. There is an audio file where Rico expresses disappointment while saying "bad day, the Black hand."
    • In the introduction of Just Cause 4, the leader of the Black Hand, Gabriela Morales, reveals in a briefing to Oscar Espinosa that despite their non-involvement, the Black Hand were actually aware of the events of Just Cause 2 and Rico's involvement in the nation of Panau.
  • This also makes Pandak "Baby" Panay the only antagonist to have never enlisted their services.
  • Since the Black Hand were aware of the events of the first three games and although did not appear in Just Cause 2, they were aware of Rico's toppling of Pandak "Baby" Panay and three other unnamed dictators. As such, they could be the oldest faction in the Just Cause Game Series.
    • However, having appeared in all four games, The Agency could also be the oldest faction.

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