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  • Just Cause 2 is the only game in the Just Cause game series where the Black Hand doesn't appear.
    • However, there is a character model in Just Cause 2 Multiplayer that erroneously states the elite Panauan secret serviceman model as "Black Hand". This character model does have badges with a black fist, but it looks completely different from anything known to represent the Black Hand.
    • It is possible that the game developers may have at some point considered adding the Black Hand into JC2 with that logo, but that's only speculation.
    • In the introduction of Just Cause 4, the leader of the Black Hand, Gabriela Morales, reveals in a briefing to Oscar Espinosa that despite their non-involvement, the Black Hand were actually aware of the events of Just Cause 2 and Rico's involvement in the nation of Panau.
  • This also makes Pandak "Baby" Panay the only antagonist to have never enlisted their services.

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