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Broadcast Tower
Just Cause 2 - Kem Kucing Belang Hitam - military base 06
Top of the tower.
Sabotage Destructible Object in Just Cause 2
Total amount 320
Armament needed Small arms fire
Value in Chaos points 250
Value in money 1250
Approximate safe distance during destruction Anywhere, even next to it.

Not to be confused with Communications Masts, television towers, or Surveillance Masts.

Broadcast Towers are sabotage destructible objects in Just Cause 2.

Just Cause 2 destroying broadcast tower 09

Bottom of the tower.


Broadcast Towers are small radio communications masts, that are almost always accompanied by a Generator.


Broadcast Towers are some of the most common objects in Panau. There's always at least one tower wherever there's a major military presence. They're almost always accompanied by a generator, so don't forget to take them out as well.

In bases, they can be found in 2 formats, as most objects are: free standing, or in a walled off compound. In the former, they will usually be harder to find, so look around from the air. In its second format, they will be accompanied by a another tower and 2 generators within a concrete wall; these are much easier to spot and dismantling them will be even easier. However, do make sure you destroy them all in one fell swoop or again, you will be scouring the base for the generator you thought you destroyed. A total of 320 towers can be found.

Within SettlementsEdit

248 can be found within other settlements and military installations:

Outside SettlementsEdit

13 can be found outside of the named locations:


Requiring only a few shots to be destroyed, they are the second most fragile sabotage destructible objects, right after Small Destructibles.

If you're low on ammunition, Ricos melee attack (with the Grappler) will take care of both the adjacent Generator and the tower itself without any trouble. A well placed Grenade will take care of both structures in a single hit. Each will give 250 Chaos points and $1250 when destroyed.

1 Sniper Rifle bullet can destroy a Broadcast Tower, even when only at level 1.


  • San Esperito also has a broadcast tower, but that one is much larger and used by a civilian radio station. It's featured in the mission Broadcast News.
  • It's rare, but there are a few of them which are located by themselves. Typically one or even two will be located next to a Generator.
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