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Bukit Dengkang
Bukit Dengkang
In its destroyed state, as seen from a Rowlinson K22.
Settlement in Panau
Type Military base
Territory West Tanah Raya
Coordinates X:11630; Y:10010
Missions that take place here Taming the Beast

Bukit Dengkang is a military base in Just Cause 2.


It's a standard Panau Military camp with normal equipment and buildings, such as several wooden barrack buildings, some hangars, wooden Guard Towers and the usual destructibles. At least one entrance guard post has a Minigun. There are several Medicine cabinets within the base.

There's a four-barrel Flak Cannon here, along with two Chepachet PVDs that don't give you heat, which is rather unique for this type of base.

Rico has to steal a GV-104 Razorback from here during the Reapers mission "Taming the Beast".

The name means "Croaking Hill" in Malaysian.


Between West Tanah Raya and the Ramai Rakyat Islands (though it's counted to the geographical district of West Tanah Raya), east-south-east of Tanah Raya Barat Alpha. In the jungle, near several roads and next to a hill.




Just Cause 2 - Bukit Dengkang - military base

Just Cause 2 - Bukit Dengkang - military base


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