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Bukit Marmar Pecah
Sentry gun (action)
Note that the right Sentry gun is inactive at this moment.
Settlement in Panau
Type Military base
Territory West Tanah Raya
Coordinates X:11900; Y:8500.
Missions that take place here Political Debate (only if the driver somehow manages to get far enough)

Bukit Marmar Pecah is a military base in Just Cause 2.


It's an unusual base, because it has no concrete walls. Everything is exposed. Though it is mostly a camp site.

There are two Sentry guns in the middle of the base. The Sentry guns respawn when you return, even if you've destroyed them.

Several Medicine cabinets and Red Barrels can be found here.

There's also a spot of snow in the jungle, next to that base, at about X:11875; Y:8490. See also: Easter Eggs in Just Cause and Just Cause 2.

Quinrun Theng was scheduled to arrive at this base in the mission Political Debate.

Its name translates into "Broken Marble Hills".



Two vehicles here make the aiming box appear green. This means that the Panau Military won't shoot at you if you are seen driving or "stunting" on them, unless you get heat for something else.

  • 1 x GV-104 Razorback, uniquely green-marked. Same level as your Black Market level.
  • 2 x Fengding EC14FD2. One of them makes the aiming box green, allowing it to be driven with out attracting Heat. Oddly, the one that is green-marked is in desert camouflage.


Between West Tanah Raya and Berawan Besar Mountains at about X:11900; Y:8500. In a jungle near a road.


Just Cause 2- settlement completion- Bukit Marmar Pecah

Just Cause 2- settlement completion- Bukit Marmar Pecah


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