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Bukit Rendah
Bukit Rendah
Settlement in Panau
Type Military base
Territory Berawan Besar Mountains
Coordinates X:16470; Y:7370
Missions that take place here None

Bukit Rendah is a military base in Just Cause 2.


The base is a regular Communications Base. It's one of many such bases in the area. The base is formed as a square, and consists of a lot of concrete bunker buildings, several hangars, Radar bunkers and Guard Towers. There is also a Communications Station here, a little separated from the main base. There are two Miniguns at the access point to the base. There's only one SAM site at the base, however the base Lembah Genting Tinggi is located just below the cliff in a gorge to the west, so if you plan on attacking this base by air, you'll likely have to take out the SAMs there aswell. A helipad with a AH-33 Topachula can also be found at the Communications Station.

The name means "Low Hill" in Malay and Indonesian.


A long road leads from west to the base. The third highest mountain in Panau, Gunung Genting Tinggi (1607m), is located very close to the base.




Just Cause 2 - Bukit Rendah - military base

Just Cause 2 - Bukit Rendah - military base

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