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Bulls Eye Assault Rifle
BM BullsEye.png
As seen in the Black Market.
Weapon in Just Cause
Type Assault rifle with an optical sight
Usage Two handed
Maximum ammunition carried 192
Maximum ammunition in the weapon 24
To unlock This is DLC
Cost $ 50000
List of owners Agency

The Bull's Eye Assault Rifle is a weapon in Just Cause 2.


It's a semi-futuristic looking rifle.

This weapon has a loose resemblance to the cancelled XM8 assault rifle. Closer inspection reveals that it is really anAssault Rifle with a modular design (made of several replaceable components for ease of customization), an ACOG-like scope and a modified stock.


In an official advertisement.

The Bull's Eye comes equipped with what resembles an ACOG scope. It's semi-automatic. When aiming down, the scope can increase (Left Shift on PC, LT on console) or decrease (Left ctrl on PC, RT on console) its zoom level.

It's range and firepower are somewhere between the Assault Rifle and the Sniper Rifle.

It's good for sniping on top of buildings in Panau City. The larger magazine means that it's more effective for sniping multiple enemies than the normal Sniper Rifle. Close quarters become a problem in this respect, so it's advisable to have a Submachine Gun, or something similar for a backup weapon.

The Bull's Eye Assault Rifle also uses custom ammunition, meaning that the only way to get more ammunition is to purchase another one from the Black Market. This makes it one of the most expensive weapons to keep loaded.

Strangely a single shot from the Bull's Eye has more power against soldiers than the standard Assault Rifle, but both rifles do the same amount of damage to vehicles.

In short, this weapon trades damage for accuracy and fire rate. This weapon is also more of a scoped assault rifle than a sniper rifle, but it still has a scope. This technically still makes this weapon a sniper rifle, albeit one with an unorthodox design. This weapon is likely that of a DMR type weapon.

In Just Cause 2 Multiplayer, it is sometimes incorrectly called "a hack" by wielders of this weapon due to the precision of this weapon.

In short,


The weapon came free with pre-ordered copies of the game and it's available for purchase, as Downloadable content. Once the DLC pack has been installed, the Black Market will have the (already fully upgraded) rifle available for $50,000.

The DLC costs $1 USD, €1 EUR, or £0.75 GBP (when not on sale).


  • As a standard assault rifle modified for longer range combat, this would in reality be classified as a designated marksman rifle.
  • The Bulls Eye could be seen as the successor to the Lance FDL from Just Cause (1), as they both perform in the role of DMR.
  • It's very odd that it costs less than the Assault Rifle (which costs $55,000), because the assault rifle is so easily available for free.
  • On the official DLC picture, it says "Bulls Eye Sniper Rifle" instead of "Bulls Eye Assault Rifle".
  • Successors to this "sniper rifle" as DLC weapons include: