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Bullshark Assault Rifle
Weapon in Just Cause 4
Type Assault rifle.
Usage Two handed
Maximum ammunition carried 163
Maximum ammunition in the weapon 27
To unlock Buy the DLC
List of owners Rico

The Bullshark Assault Rifle (called the Renegade Drone Rilfe on Xbox One and Playstation 4) is a weapon in Just Cause 4. It is available to purchase as a single item within the Downloadable content for Just Cause 4.


The rifle is coloured predominantly white and is one of the two burst-fire weapons in the game.


The weapon functions exactly the same as the other burst-fire rifle, the SW7-PBA Assault Rifle, with a three round burst with every trigger pull, and the ability to launch attack drones with the secondary fire - a maximum of three can be held in the rifle.

The range, accuracy and recoil are identical to the SW7-PBA, but interestingly, the SW7-PBA has a max ammo count of 210; 37 more than the Bullshark. 


  • Becomes available at the supply drop once the Bullshark/Renegade Assault Rifle DLC is installed.

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