This is a disambiguation for all the buses in the Just Cause game series.

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Vehicle Game Type
Vanderbildt Streamliner Just Cause 1980s city bus
Pankhurst Bus Tap Tap Just Cause Old countryside bus
Vanderbildt LeisureLiner Just Cause 2 Modern coach / long distance tourist bus
Dinggong 134D Just Cause 2 1940s bus.
Dinggong 268D Just Cause 2 1940s double-decker bus.
Niseco Coastal D22 Just Cause 2 Actually a truck, but it has been converted for passenger transport.
Stria Campania 115 Just Cause 3 1970s city bus.
Citispeed Eco 75 Just Cause 3 Modern city bus.
Prisa Viajero Bus Just Cause 4 Modern city bus.
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