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CS Navajo
JC3 CS Navajo Medici Heli
Vehicle in Just Cause 3
Type Attack helicopter
Weapons Missiles and "heavy missiles"
Rarity Common
List of owners Medici Military
The Rebellion
Black Hand
Top speed (km/h) 243
Top speed (mph) ~151

The CS Navajo is an attack helicopter in Just Cause 3.


In terms of appearance, the Navajo resembles a full-purpose attack helicopter, similar the real world Agusta A129 Mangusta on the fuselage, the Eurocopter Tiger for the rear, and Boeing AH-64 Apache for the single-canopy cockpit and various other bits.

Wrecked versions always come with the "MAF07" identification tag, while the number itself can vary on these choppers.

The Rebel drop description says "Capstone's assault chopper combines speed, power, and versatility, offering two missile types: the rapid-strike 64 Volcanus and the punishing 99 Vindicator"


It's armed with "missiles" and "heavy missile", which can take down small military settlements in seconds.

The Navajo has decent speed of up to 243 km/h and decent maneuverability for a heavy assault helicopter. It can even dodge some SAMs if the pilot is skilled enough. The player must be careful on landing however as the helicopter is very fragile. Due to the high speed, decent agility and heavy armament, the CS Navajo will easily level an outpost or small base to the ground in a few strafing runs. As advised by one of the game's loading screen text options: Remember to try out all the different weapons on an armed vehicle.

The Navajo's heavy missiles are the most powerful of any non-bavarium explosives in the game, able to destroy almost every vehicle in the game with one round at the expense of a longer reload and slower projectile than the standard missiles.


Medici MilitaryEdit

The RebellionEdit

  • Unlocked after liberating Puncta Sud.
  • At the same numerous military bases and outposts across Medici, after liberating the settlements.
    • On some occasions, the Navajo might be replaced with other military helicopters.

Black HandEdit

This variant only exists in the Mech Land Assault and Bavarium Sea Heist expansion pack, and cannot be seen in the base game.


Strangely, these all seem to have MAF07 on them with no other number. The tail boom of the wrecks can be moved independently from the fuselage, however it can not be detached.


  • It's made by the fictional company Capstone , normally abbreviated as CS.
  • In early promotional materials it was called "CS Assault Chopper". All later ones call it "CS Navajo". The first name can now be considered Cut game content from Just Cause 3.
  • The name "Navajo" could be a reference to the U.S. Army custom of naming helicopters after Native American tribes. Real life helicopters with Native American names include the Boeing AH-64 Apache, UH-72 Lakota, OH-58 Kiowa, CH-47 Chinook, and many others.
  • In the "Kasabian Trailer", the CS Navajo is depicted with a machine gun instead of just a light on the front.
  • In early concept artwork, the Navajo is identical to the Eurocopter Tiger (see gallery below). The in-game model is slightly different, as it takes inspiration from other real life attack helicopters as well.
  • The HUD graphics used to represent the Navajo's weapons show a guided bomb and a rocket pod, however the HUD incorrectly refers to both as "missiles". This HUD is reused from the U-7 Dravec, only with different weapon names.
  • It is the successor to the Jackson Z-19 Skreemer from Just Cause and AH-33 Topachula plus Sivirkin 15 Havoc from Just Cause 2. The successor to this vehicle in Just Cause 4 is the Spectre Attack Helicopter.
  • There is a small warning label on the nose that reads "ATTENTION, PLEASE NOTE: YOUR NOTING OF THIS SIGN HAS BEEN DULY NOTED".
    • It's not known why this is here, other than perhaps a hidden joke.


The RebellionEdit

Medici MilitaryEdit

Black HandEdit


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