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CS Negotiator
Jc3 CS Negotiator
Weapon in Just Cause 3
Type Grenade launcher
Usage Two handed
Maximum ammunition carried 13
Maximum ammunition in the weapon 3
To unlock Liberate base Le Galera
List of owners Medici Military (never seen used)
The Rebellion (never seen used)
Rico (if he wants one)

The CS Negotiator is a grenade launcher in Just Cause 3.


The Rebel drop description says "When things get rowdy, bring in the Negotiator. Nothing breaks up a party like a grenade launcher that fires high-velocity, impact-detonating rounds."

As seen on pre-launch promotional screenshots, the weapon was originally meant to have a vertical front handle, but this was cancelled from the final version. The weapon icon still shows the phantom handle. See also: Cut game content from Just Cause 3.

Its design and purpose would have been inspired by the XM25 CDTE, an airburst grenade launcher. The writing on the sides reads "Individual Semiautomatic Air Burst System", which means its rounds can explode in mid-air (also a notable feature of the real-life XM25). Despite this, there's no way to have the grenades explode mid-air. There are however a number of ways to customize the effects of some other explosive weapons by Gear Mods.


The CS Negotiator fires rounds which have similar damage and blast radius to thrown grenades, but at greater ranges and flatter trajectories. Rounds fired detonate instantly on impact. The Negotiator has better overall damage output than the UVK 13 at medium to close ranges, as it can fire three rounds before needing to reload.



  • It's made by the fictional company CS.