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CS Odjur
Jc3 CS Odjur
Type Armored car/Infantry fighting vehicle/Tank
Weapons Machine gun and cannon
Rarity Rare
List of owners Medici Military
The Rebellion
Black Hand
Top speed (km/h) 105+
Top speed (mph) 65+

The CS Odjur is a military armored vehicle in Just Cause 3


It is an 8-wheeled armored vehicle, closely resembling the real-world Italian B1 Centauro tank destroyer. It is called an "armored vehicle" rather than a tank because of its lack of tank tracks.

It is the successor to the Ballard M5B1 Scout and SV-1007 Stonewall, which it also shares resemblances with.

Unusually, it has two hull-mounted machine guns at the front, but these are not functional, and very strangely, there's two spare track links on the rear wall.


The suspension is very soft, making it extremely difficult to aim the gun while moving. The turning circle increases along with speed, so it's best used at low speeds, if there's any obstacles. The vehicle is not completely bullet proof, as it begins to smoke and eventually explodes from prolonged small arms fire.

Depending on the vehicles speed and/or direction of movement during stopping, the vehicle may remain tilted forward or back when parked.

Beta Rebel drop description says: "Equipped with a 90mm machinegun and a powerful anti-vehicle cannon, the formidable Odjur is the muscle of the Medician military."

The final rebel drop description: "Equipped with a 14mm machine gun and a powerful anti-vehicle cannon, the formidable Odjur is the muscle of the Medician military."

Its a heavily armored "tank". In fact, it can take more damage than an attack heli or armored personnel carrier (despite the Rebel Drop menu saying otherwise), making it the most durable ground vehicle in Just Cause 3.

This is a slightly Amphibious vehicle, which means that it can drive both on land and swim in water, but it will only float for a very short amount of time and only as long as the speed remains as high as possible.

The CS Odjur is more than a match for a single A.I. controlled Mech, whether armed with a splitter or autocannon, but it's not advised to use it against a second Mech afterwards or two Mechs at the same time. Additionally, it's likely that the CS Odjur will be black and scorched after its duel with a Mech, and won't be able to last too much longer in combat.

On the flipside, AI-controlled Odjurs can be destroyed with three Mech autocannon shots, while the player's Odjur can take a lot more punishment. This is generally the case for all player controlled vehicles.


Medici MilitaryEdit

  • It can appear at Heat levels 4 and 5. This is when a lot of military forces are dispatched to your position.
  • In Insula Striate, it can appear at heat level 3.
  • If you hear "Attention, we are sending tanks to your location." that means an Urga Bkolos 2100 and/or a CS Odjur has spawned. This usually happens during an attack on a military base, or large mine. Urga Bkolos tend to spawn more often than Odjurs at lower levels of heat.
  • At many military bases and outposts across Medici.
    • Note that the only place in Insula Fonte where you can find a fixed spawn point for it is Vigilator Nord. For some strange reason, a Medici Military variant will spawn there while the base is under military control, but once the base is liberated, the spawn point will disappear. This may be for balancing reasons as the base is in the game's first region.
      • The tank can still spawn at random at various spawn locations for rebel/military vehicles under a heavy military vehicle spawn group.
    • It can be found as fairly common support and sometimes as parked vehicles at the mines in Insula Striate.
  • Rarely, it can be found parked near a road checkpoint. This can be seen at any region.
  • Used in a Roadblock in a pre-release promotional screenshot. In the final game, this roadblock can only rarely be seen at Heat level 3-5.
  • In missions:
  • Destroyed ones are common at the burned towns north of the Insula Striate wall. However, there are a few locations where such wrecks can be found outside of Insula Striate. See also: Vehicle wrecks.
  • It should be noted that the Mech Land Assault adds the Black Hand livery to this vehicle, but Black Hand can still be seen operating this vehicle in Medici Military livery in the game.
  • Rarely found at liberated outposts and bases (for example, Guardia Massos I). This might be a glitch.

The RebellionEdit

  • Unlocked after liberating Alte Potentia.
  • At many military bases and outposts across Medici, after they're liberated.
    • Note that there is no military base or outpost in Insula Fonte that spawns it after it's liberated.
    • On rare occasions, Rico may be able to find one at a road checkpoint. This can happen at any region.

Black HandEdit

While this variant does not exist in the base game, it is added in the Mech Land Assault DLC.



  • The Rebel drop lists it as a tank, despite it actually being an armored car / infantry fighting vehicle.
  • About the hull machine guns:
    • Very few real armored vehicles have 2 hull-mounted machine guns at the front. An example is the "M2 Medium Tank", which was meant to fight against lots of infantry.
    • The Weaponized Urga Ogar also has dual front machine guns, but those are functional.
  • The Imperator Bavarium Tank is an improved version of this.
  • It's made by the fictional company CS
  • The word 'Odjur' means 'Beast' or 'Monster' in Swedish.
  • The beta Rebel Drop description stated it as having a "90 mm machine gun", along with an anti-tank cannon. This would not be possible and it was probably a typo, possibly "9mm machine gun" with the "0" not supposed to exist. The correct form would have been "a machine gun and a 90mm anti-vehicle cannon".
  • The purpose of the two spare track links is unknown. Real military tracked vehicles have spare links and tools to replace them, because land mines and other explosives can destroy the tracks, stopping the vehicle. Considering the vehicles proportions and resemblance to a real wheeled vehicle, it's unlikely that tracks were a cut game content here.
  • The main cannon can fire roughly 0.6 rounds per second, or 36 rounds per minute.
  • It is possible to glitch inside the CS Odjur by, for example, using a Rebel Drop above the player's position and holding the circle button when it lands on top of Rico. After a while Rico will get up inside the tank, but any attempts to move around will cause a lot of clipping damage which will aventually lead to his death (video).
  • Due to its wheels, this actually isn't a tank but an IFV.


Medici MilitaryEdit

The RebellionEdit

Black HandEdit

While this variant does not exist in the base game, it is added in the Mech Land Assault expansion pack.


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