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CS Powerrun 77
JC3 CS Powerrun 77 boat.jpg
Rebel CS Powerrun 77.
Vehicle in Just Cause 3
Type Patrol boat
Weapons 2 x Mounted heavy machineguns
Rarity Below average
List of owners Medici Military
The Rebellion
Black Hand (Mech Land Assault and Bavarium Sea Heist only)
Top speed (km/h) ~81 (~203 with nitros)
Top speed (mph) 44 knots (110 with nitros)

The CS Powerrun 77 is a military boat Just Cause 3.


It is a large patrol boat, resembling the Pequod - Harpoon PC 350, but longer. It has an open rear deck with its bridge or cabin towards the front of the boat. A small car (e.g. Stria Cucciola, Stria Gioco, Windhund 4, etc) can fit on the rear deck.

The Rebel drop description says "With first response speed, tight manuverability and dual machine gun mounts, the Capstone Powerrun 77 is the enforcer unit of the high seas."

It's similar to the Swedish Combat Boat 90 H in both design and engine sound. It also resembles the Kalashnikov BC-10, which may have been inspired by the CB90.


Somewhat decent for a boat of its size. On the smooth waters of a lake, it can go at a realistic 44 knots. With nitrous it can go at least 110 knots. It could be more, but the longest lake quickly ran out of distance at 110 knots.

It's armed with two mounted heavy machine guns, with one on either side.

It's pump-jet driven and got two engines with a nozzle for each.

If you are swarmed by a group of Powerruns during heat, it is advisable to leave the area as concentrated machine-gun fire from a small group of Powerruns will quickly deplete your health to a critical level.


Medici Military

  • At Military bases in Medici.
  • During heat 2-4. North of the wall, can appear at any heat. Strangely, these versions are different than the ones encountered without heat. These have a driver with a U-55S Pozhar and the two MG gunners wield U-39 Plechovkas.
  • Can be found parked in the water without heat. Strangely, these versions are different than the ones encountered with heat. These have a female driver with a Prizrak U4 and no MG gunners.
  • At an warehouse north of Porto Coclea. After the map is liberated, this is the only place where you can find one besides randomly finding one at sea.
  • Sometimes at the end of wingsuit courses.

The Rebellion

  • At the same above military bases, after they have been liberated.
  • At Grotta Contrabandero.
  • Will appear as friendly reinforcements during the liberation of certain ports, including
  • Possibly more locations.

Black Hand

This variant only exists in the Mech Land Assault and Bavarium Sea Heist expansion packs.

Mech Land Assault

Bavarium Sea Heist


All of them have Rebellion symbols on them. See also: Vehicle wrecks.


  • This boat is a successor to Pequod - Harpoon PC 350 from Just Cause and predecessor to the Stormwater Patrol Boat from Just Cause 4.
  • It's built by the fictional company CS.
  • It's not known how exactly they're related (in universe), but there's a very similarly named vehicle in Just Cause 2, the MTA Powerrun 77. This is the result of all JC3 vehicle company names having been added later. For reasons unknown they just added Urga, CS, Autostraad and so on, to the beginning of each vehicles name. For some it kind of makes sense, but in this case it is a problem.
  • The Black Hand variant that's added in the Mech Land Assault expansion pack has decals on the left side, but is blank on the right side. This may be an intentional reference to a visual bug on the Pequod - Harpoon PC 350 back in Just Cause 1. All versions of that boat had decals on the left side but appear unmarked on the right.


The Rebellion

Medici Military

Black Hand

This variant does not exist in the base game. It's added in the Mech Land Assault expansion pack. The Bavarium Sea Heist DLC might also separately add this, but this needs confirmation.

Black Hand variant carrying generator

This variant only appears in the Bavarium Sea Heist mission The Heist Begins and cannot be obtained.