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Cadadía 83' Hatchback
Cadadia 83' Hatchback (front angle)
Vehicle in Just Cause 4
Type Hatchback
Rarity Average to uncommon
List of owners Civilians

The Cadadía 83' Hatchback is vehicle in Just Cause 4.  


The Cadadia is a sturdy and economical hatchback with a 2-box design and three doors. The front features a simple grille with two lights and blinker markers. It looks similar to many 1980s hatchbacks, more notably, the Fiat Uno and Autobianchi A112 seventh series

The version of the Cadadia featured in JC4 is the 1983 model.

In-universe, it also resembles the Squire Synco (around the front lights).

The company who produces this vehicle is Prisa, as the Prisa "P" is displayed next to the vehicle's name once entered. This method of finding which company produces a vehicle is probably most effective.


Performance is rather surprising in the Cadadia as it features fairly quick acceleration, faster then some newer models. Handling is light with minimal feedback. Braking is better then average. This is not a bad car to drive at all and makes a good vehicle for squeezing into tight places. Durability is on par with other vehicles in its class.


  • At least 2 will spawn on the bridge at El Abismo. A maximum of 3 can spawn, with more in traffic and some parked.
  • Common in the desert area.


  • The car only appears in a beater-style form.
  • It is one of a few cars that can appear with mismatched body parts, along with the Cumbila Sedan and the Prisa Hidalgo.
  • This vehicle is reusing the Stria Carera Standard model from Just Cause 3. JC4 is reusing the models of several JC3 vehicles.
  • Although not having the word in its name, this vehicle is made by the fictional company Prisa.
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