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Capite Est is a province in Just Cause 3.

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Libeccio and Capite Est at dawn. A part of Regno is visible in the center distance.

Capite Est is a peninsula on the northern tip of the largest island in the Insula Dracon region, consisting of steep hills and cliffs, as well as some smaller islands off the coast.

Capite Est is home to three civilian settlements: The small coastal towns of Vico Spigola and Vico Thunno and the small-to-medium cliffside town of Vinialetta. Much like the rest of Medici, the province is rather rural,and relies on animal products and agricultural exports to survive (Vico Spigola and Vico Thunno serving as quiet fishing towns and Vinialetta serving as a nationally renowned vinery despite poor soil conditions).

While Capite Est is home to a single military outpost, it also houses the much larger Espia Alta, the subterranean sister base to Petra's Espia Bassa.


Capite Est is the northernmost province in the region of Insula Dracon, Medici. It's one of two provinces in the "Capite" area, the other being Capite West, directly west of this province.

Capite Est is bordered by Massos to the south and Capite West to the west. Capite Est is also south of Libeccio, a province on the larger Insula Striate.

Settlements and points of interest