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Carcavoda Mountain
Carcavoda Mountain
Settlement in Panau
Type Mountain with an unmarked location on the top
Territory Selatan Archipelago
Coordinates X:21160; Y:29620
Missions that take place here O Panay Redentor

Carcavoda Mountain is a mountain in Just Cause 2.


It's mostly rocky and its peak is accessible by road. It's the location of a Pandak "Baby" Panay Statue, which appears and is torn down during the mission "O Panay Redentor". The top of the mountain also has a stunt ramp to jump with vehicles and a construction site. The construction site has several wooden crates, some large pipes and shipping containers. Two boxes of Triggered Explosives can be found here, next to a Medicine Cabinet. Normally there's nobody there, but during the mission there are soldiers and construction workers.

The dirt road that leads to the top is blocked by signs that warn of hazardous road conditions.

As confirmed by parachute climbing, its top reaches 370 meters above sea level.

The mountain's name is a reference to the Corcovado Mount above Rio de Janeiro, along with the statue of Pandak Panay being the equivalent of the giant Christ the Redeemer statue.


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