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Cartel villas are a type of settlement in Just Cause (1).

Common descriptionEdit

The Montano Cartel has built a large number of villas throughout San Esperito.

Each villa has at least one vehicle and a drug plantation around it. Most of them have a Mullen H45 Dragonfly helicopter on the roof of the main building.

As long as the villa is Montano controlled, Rico will get Montano Heat for entering their territory and the Montano gangsters will try to kill him. Rico can help the Riojas to conquer all villas. After a villa becomes the property of the Rioja cartel, Rico will be free to visit and borrow the vehicles at any time. Rico can also do infinite sidemissions for the Rioja boss who usually hangs out behind the villa.

Each villa has multiple garages and shacks in addition to the main building, but at least one villa has two main buildings.

Very few of them are called anything other than a "villa", or a "casa".

List of villas and their contentEdit

Each villa name that doesn't have an article of its own redirects to this article until (if ever) an article is made. The villas are relatively generic, so there's no actual need for individual articles.

Name Province and location details Vehicles Image
Golfo Palace Provincia Aguilar
Golfo Palace Cartel villa
Don Fernando Provincia de la Cruz
Don Fernando - Villa cartel
Villa Bonita Isla de la Asuncion
Villa Bonita, Cartel villa.
Casa Maria Magdalene Isla de la Asuncion
Casa Maria Magdalene, cartel villa
La Residence Provincia de Rio Negro
La Residence - Cartel villa
Casa Felíz Provincia de Rio Negro
Caza Feliz Cartel villa
House Crucero Provincia de los Bravos
House Crucero, cartel villa
Villa La Sierra Provincia de los Guererros
Villa la Sierra, cartel villa
Casa Feniz Provincia de San Mateo
Casa Feniz, Cartel villa.
Monte Mayor Provincia de San Mateo
Monte Mayor, Cartel villa.
Casa Montoya La Perdida On the side of a river, near Nuevo Estocolmo.
Casa Montoya
El Regalo Costa Brava On a hill overlooking Esperito City from the south-east.
Athena Palace Costa Brava On the coast, half way from Esperito City to Costa Brava island.
Athena Palace
Villa Pandora Costa Brava
Villa Encanto Resolucion North-east portion Esperito City. Directly north of the Giant statue of Salvador Mendoza.
Villa Encanto
Casa Jimenez Isla Alegre
Casa Jimenez
Villa La Cantera Isla Maria Dolorosa At the coast.
Villa La cantera
Casa Elsa Isla Maria Dolorosa Inland on a mountain.
Casa Elsa cartel villa
Casa Aguirre Durango
Casa Aguirre
Casa Inez Isla San Cristobal
Villa Arriba Isla San Cristobal On the mainland.
Villa Celeste Provincia de Osvaldo Guzman
Villa Celeste
Casa Isabella Encarnacion At the southern beach of the lake in the middle of San Esperito. The "The Endless Summer" Race takes place here.
Casa Isabella
Villa Molina Provincia de Las Palmas West of Mendoza International Airport.
Villa Loretta Provincia Los Islas
Villa Milagra Provincia Los Islas
Casa Evangelina Provincia Los Islas
Casa Agamemnon Provincia de Don Ernesto
Casa Agamemnon
Casa Marisol Los Hidalgos
Casa Marisol
Villa Alegra Los Hidalgos
Villa Alegra
Casa Irma Las Crucitas
Casa Irma
Villa Arturo La Perdida
Villa Arturo
Casa Santa Marta Provincia Quesada
Casa Santa Marta
Casa Santamaría Provincia de El Oro
Villa Santamaria
Villa Paloma Provincia Quesada
Villa La Paloma
Casa Carolina Provincia del Rosario
Casa Carolina
Casa Catalan Provincia de Don Velasco
Casa Catalan
Villa Picadora Provincia la Perla
Villa Picadora
Villa Artemis Provincia de Cordoba
Villa Artemis
Casa Flora Provincia de Castillo
  • ?
  • ?
Villa de la Hoya Provincia Caballeros
Villa De La Hoya
Conquistador House El Crucero
Conquistador House
Villa Cap Pavillion Provincia Octava
Villa Cap Pavillion
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?

Unmarked villasEdit

Province and location details Other details Vehicles
Los Hidalgos The plantation gets destroyed in the mission Field of Dreams.
  • Unique crop spraying AVIA (only during the mission)
  • Montano Fukuda Buckskin Trapper (only after the mission)
  • Montano Hurst Buckaroo with a mounted gun (during & after the mission)
  • Montano helicopters (only during the mission)
Provincia de San Mateo Usual looking villa, but it's unmarked and abandoned. None
Los Hidalgos Abandoned villa building with no plantation. None
? None


Just Cause Golfo Palace cartel villa takeover

Just Cause Golfo Palace cartel villa takeover

(HD) Liberation of a cartel villa Villa Artemis - Just Cause 1

(HD) Liberation of a cartel villa Villa Artemis - Just Cause 1