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A boat is a form of marine transport. There are various types of boats and ships in all Just Cause games, ranging from the relatively slow Trawlers to the jet-powered Bald Eagle Persuader and from the U1 nuclear submarine to the Tanker ship. Other boat and ship types in th game include: yacht; recreational motorboat; speedboat; vehicle ferry; torpedo boat; patrol boat; destroyer; fishing boat; cargo ship; underwater scooter; hovercraft; passenger boat, and many others.


Boats are treated and controlled in a similar way to cars, in that one can do Stunts from them and latch on with the Protec Grappler G3.

The in-game nautical vehicles are generally slower than ground vehicles, although there are some exceptional speedboats, most notably the jet-powered Bald Eagle Persuader, which is the fastest non-flying vehicle in the Just Cause game series.

One thing that makes boats appear slow is that there's few objects around them. The more distant things are (beaches), the slower they appear to be passing to a traveller.

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