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This is a category for all the weapons in Just Cause 3.

For any other weapons see: Weapons (disambiguation). Note that armed vehicles are counted as vehicles: Category:Just Cause 3 Vehicles.

See Rebel drop for reference as well.

Assault rifles

Sniper rifles

Submachine guns

All SMGs are Dual Wielded.


Pistols and revolvers

All handguns are Dual Wielded.

  • CS44 Peacebringer - Revolvers classified as an exotic weapon. Loosely based on the Colt Single Action Army termed the "Peacemaker".
  • CS Spectre Mark V - Pistol that deals moderately more damage than the Pozhar. Loosely based on the H&K USP.
  • DK Pistol - A pistol that does no damage, has unlimited ammo and inflates victim's heads. Once they reach a certain size, when the victim ragdolls, dies or gets thrown by a grapple, they will float up into the air.
  • The Little General - Revolvers only obtained after beating the main story. Cannot be obtained in Rebel drop.
  • U-55S Pozhar - Most common pistol in the game. Based on the SIG Sauer P220.
  • In one promotional screenshot Rico is walking towards a spray-painted police station and he has two different pistols, or revolvers in different holsters. It's unknown what those pistols are.

Special weapons

Rocket and grenade launchers


All FOWs can only be obtained through Rebel drop.


The Sky Fortress DLC adds a lot of different drones. These may be considered automated weapons, but the Rebel drop lists them under vehicles. To avoid confusion, this wiki lists them at their own category: Category:Drones.

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