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Mission structure

The mission structure is completely different in this game compared to previous games. Previously missions used to come in a specific order and with specific set beginnings and ends, but it's quite a bit more complicated now.

The main storyline missions are listed as "operations". The first of these is like a normal mission, but several others are only a single cut-scene that explain the story and motivations for next missions and specific raids on bases.

There are four sets of sidemissions for different bosses, similar to JC2, however it seems that after the first of each line, these missions do not have to be done in a specific order. Instead these missions become unlocked in random order depending on how the player chooses to take over the map. Some of these missions unlock depending on a number of points with the specific boss, but they can still be completed in any order.

At the same time, there's a few points where the main storyline and the side stories cross paths by one unlocking another.

These missions seem to be called "operations" in a loading screen, but it's unknown if this describes all the missions, or just the Sargento and storyline missions.

Tables / sorted lists

There are many missions for multiple "areas". The below tables will be filled as information becomes available.

Main story missions

Main story missions
Name Short description
Operation Whiteout Rico arrives at Solís and meets Mira. He then attempts to destroy Project Illapa, but fails to do this alone. The Army of Chaos is founded and the front is established. The mission "Casquillos Vacíos Reboot" begins immediately at the end of Operation Whiteout, so it's currently included in the same article.
Behind the Lines Rico assists Sargento in transporting some captured Black Hand supplies. Balloons are among these. This is technically a Sargento mission, but this mission unlocks the missions below.
At the end of the above mission, Garland King's New Star and The Secret History of Solís are unlocked, which are the opening missions for Garland King and Javi Huerta, respectively. In addition to the above two, Wanay Extraction is also unlocked. Though the aforementioned may seem like the first Region Strike, the first one was actually Casquillos Vacíos Reboot, done right after Operation Whiteout. Sidemissions are unlocked at this point, but only for Sargento until the aforementioned missions above are done. After those two are done, sidemissions for Garland King and Javi Huerta are unlocked.
The Illapa Project Pick up Izzy from a skyscraper at Quya and meet Mira. Mira explains more about Project Illapa and points out the fact that Tom Sheldon has arrived at Solís. This mission unlocks the Supply drop.
The next missions are Aeropuerto Scramble (which leads to César's Theory), Mazmorra Rescue (which leads to Meeting Lanza Morales), and Agency Distress Beacon. These are all unlocked to allow the player to complete the story in an order of their own choosing. All of these story branches have to be completed. For convenience, Agency Distress Beacon is below because it is right after this.
Agency Distress Beacon This mission comes right after the above. This mission is only a cut-scene. Tom explains why he's at Solís and apparently he wants to help. He also explains more about Zona Dos and says to raid it in the future. In order to safely approach Zona Dos, Rico has to first raid Meteo Lab to obtain the needed technology to construct the Thunderbarge vehicle. The mission "Operation Thunderbarge" will be a raid on Zona Dos.
Thunderbarge: Obtaining The Ion Coil This mission is unlocked after the Sargento mission "Meteolab Grab". During a lightning storm, you have to trigger 3 lightning rods and then get the Ion Coil. The mission also shows how Rico and Tom feel about eachother.
Thunderbarge: Ion Coil Delivery The Ion Coil has to be transported from Meteolab to the nearby Prospero Astillero shipyard.
Operation Thunderbarge This is where Rico uses the Thunderbarge boat to raid the Zona Dos base. After the raid Tom reveals a nearby old Agency outpost and the fate of Rico's father Miguel Rodriguez.
César's Theory This mission is a cut-scene only. It sets up several of the next missions that include raids on bases like Zona Tres. A guy called César has figured out that tornadoes are all controlled. He accuses "reptile alines" and "nordics", but excludes "grey aliens". He also believes that Oscar Espinosa is a reptile alien.
Windwalker: The Stormchaser Protect a transport helicopter on its way from Zona Tres to Prisa Automóvil. The mission also explains more of the plans for next missions.
Windwalker: Diversion Drive a Falconer AA Tank around Nueva Voz and keep the Black Hand busy for a while.
Operation Windwalker This is about using the Stormchaser vehicle to follow a tornado and destroying a tower at the destination.
Mazmorra Rescue Raid the La Mazmorra prison to break out Lanza Morales. This is technically a Region Strike.
Meeting Lanza Morales This mission is only a cut-scene. Rico, Mira and Lanza meet at the prison cell to discuss their plans. These plans set up the next few missions.
Sandstinger: Train Robbery Hijack a train and use a gun turret to protect it.
Operation Sandstinger Drive an Army of Chaos train through the desert, surrounded by Black Hand soldiers. Then raid the Zona Uno base and destroy it.
The last mission is unlocked when the following missions are complete: Operation Thunderbarge, Operation Windwalker, Operation Sandstinger, Atalaya Strike.
Operation Illapa Rico and the Army of Chaos attack the Illapa base. Rico destroys the base and kills Oscar Espinosa. See the mission article for any spoilers.

Javi Huerta missions

Javi Huerta missions
Name Points needed to unlock Short description
The Secret History of Solís None Rico meets Javi and learns about Otorongo. Javi also explains that Oscar Espinosa holds power illegally and learning more history will help to prove this. This mission tells Rico to look for ancient tombs and to trigger them. This reveals fragments of history.
Tumba del Sirviente None This is actually part of the above mission, but is counted as a separate mission in the Javi section of missions.
The following 5 locations/missions can be completed in any order.
Tumba del Sabio None Head to the right, and find the way in. This Uma might just automatically go to the lock.
Tumba del Guerrero None This one takes some time moving the Uma to the lock.
Tumba de los Tres Niños None Otorongo had three children, meaning three locks to unlock.
Tumba de la Princesa None This one may be tricky to find, as there is no easy way to find this tomb, but it's still one Uma to the lock.
Tumba de la Esposa None This lock is underground. However this Uma is not a very hard one to move.
The Lost Tomb of Otorongo Find and unseal all tombs Javi calls Rico immediately after the last tomb is unsealed. Javi finally has all lines from Otorongo's riddle. He has assembled them into a short poem that reveals the location of Otorongo's grave: Quya.
A Relic To Wreck None This is available at multiple locations. It's about destroying a vehicle that transports a fake relic. This can be considered a side mission.
A Precious Cargo None Drive the provided vehicle to the marked area. No time limit and nobody chasing. This can be considered a side mission.

Garland King missions

Garland King missions
Name Needed to unlock Short description
Garland King's New Star Complete Behind the Lines. Rico meets Garland who asks him to help her movie project by being her main stuntman. She also needs Rico to help her fake her death to avoid the troublesome paperwork and permits that would otherwise hinder her movie project.
The following 4 scenes can be completed in any order. They can even be done if the region is not liberated.
Scene: Axman's Juggernaut Get 3500 Garland points This mission involves Rico doing stunts and driving around the alpine region in an F1 car. This also unlocks the Mugello Farina Trio. There are Black Hand roadblocks among other obstacles.
Scene: Vanessaaaa! Get 6000 Garland points Race a Coyle Mambo in the desert and drive off a bridge.
Scene: The Dawnflower Get 1500 Garland points Drive a buggy to deliver a flower that will cure some girl of an unknown illness.
Scene: Jewel In The Sun Get 3500 Garland points Race a 2019 Vistosa Supercar against a stuntman to re-enact a supposed race against Mario Frigo.
After the above 4 are complete, Cut During The Chase is unlocked.
Cut During The Chase Complete all of the above "scene" missions. Drive Garland to the movie premiere.
Car on Car Complete "Garland King's New Star" This reoccurs at multiple locations and only when Rico is already in a vehicle. Garland says that there's a stuntman in a nearby vehicle and you have to destroy their vehicle. And you have to stay in the vehicle, because apparently it would otherwise be an editing nightmare.
Lose the Fuzz Complete "Garland King's New Star" Rico has to take a provided sports car (usually a Verdeleon Eco, 2019 Vistosa Supercar, or Kerner 16' Vigeur) and out-drive the Black Hand. This is needed because they're filming a chase sequence, so they tipped off the Black Hand about Rico's position.
Camera-Ready Complete "Garland King's New Star" One of the film crewmen at Aeropuerto General Benitez wants you to fly a EM-909 Private Jet across the sea to Quya. The target is close to the ground and the plane does not need to survive. This can happen anywhere with any vehicle.
Wire Action Complete "Garland King's New Star" A stuntman is standing on a beach, or dock. There's a speedboat near him, driven by a person from the film crew. The stuntman wants to be grappled to the boat. Garland King calls too and explains that the Black Hand confiscated some of their cable equipment. The mission passes when the person is grappled to the boat. Alternatively, the mission may be set inland and involve a helicopter, but the dialogue is the same.
Driving Mr. Hong Complete "Garland King's New Star" Henry Hong is a location scout. He's worked for Garland for 10 years and started as a stuntman. Apparently he used to be called "Invincible Mr. Hong".
On Location, ASAP! Complete "Garland King's New Star" This one involves moving a crate to some place via a Próspero Sky Crane. So far this has been seen outside of Nueva Voz and at one small desert town. The helicopter may be a provided vehicle, but really the mission doesn't require it. Another version of the mission provides the Armadillo Crane Truck.

Sargento missions

Training Army of Chaos recruits

Name Short description
Behind the Lines Rico assists Sargento in transporting some captured Black Hand supplies. Balloons are among these.
The following training missions can be completed in any order.
Training: Bombing Run Unknown.
Training: Wrong Side of the Tracks "A group of Army of Chaos recruits just successfully completed a mission, but are pinned down by the Black Hand in the desert. Get them out safety."
Training: Communication Skills Unknown.
Training: Chopper Run "Black Hand spies are moving supplies though Villanueva, using the civilian populace as cover. Take the trainees and end their operation."
Training: Bridge Defense "Several Army of Chaos trainees have been sent to secure a vital bridge. Head to a nearby sister bridge, and ensure their success."
Training: Dish Destruction "Black Hand spies are hijacking weather equipment to spy on Army of Chaos movements throughout Urqu Verde. Help the trainees destroy the equipment." Destroy some radar dishes. You're provided with a helicopter.
Training: Drone Training "The Army of Chaos is tracking increased Drone Activity on Altoyaku. Take some trainees and investigate the area." Drive around with two Army of Chaos members, killing several Black Hand commanders along the way. Eventually you'll get to some village where you have to kill a Black Hand colonel. This mission may have renamed to Drone Activity.
Training: Intel Grab Snipe some Black Hand soldiers in a farm while covering 4 Army of Chaos recruits.
Training: Counter Surveillance Destroy some monitoring equipment at Joya Del Sol.
Training: Special Delivery Drive 2 soldiers to three towns where the Black Hand are placing explosives into the settlements. Solution: Blow up the bombs yourself. No need to waste time killing enemy soldiers.
Training: Crater Crash Protect a crashed plane from from helicopters.
Training: Top Brass "Sargento has tracked down Black Hand ringleaders sewing confusion behind the lines. Put an end to their interference with the help of some fresh trainees."
Training: Seek and Destroy "Sargento has obtained the names of high-ranking Black Hand spies working behind the lines. Help the trainees take them out."
Training: Sacred River Drive some noobs from town to town, blowing up fuel tanks along the way.
Training: Piñata Course "As a final test for new recruits, Sargento has set up an unusual obstacle course in Casa Apu. Test it out with some trainees."
Beachhead "Sargento needs help with something big, but won't say why it is."

Region Strikes

Name Short description Area that it unlocks
Casquillos Vacíos Reboot This mission begins automatically right at the end of Operation Whiteout, so at this time it's included in the same article. It's about restarting an old weapons factory. It also serves as a tutorial for the next missions. Wachikuni
Wanay Extraction Raid a base to free some prisoners. Tierra del Qhapaq
The following region strikes can be completed in any order. Obviously some region strikes are locked until the frontline reaches a neighboring region.
Gran Central Break-In Take control of the train factory in the northern part of Gran Central. Gran Central
Aeroespacial Sabotage Raid the Prospero Aeroespacial air force base and aircraft factory and kill General Rojas. Umiña
Astillero Blackout The Prospero Astillero shipyard needs to be captured. This allows the area here to be secured, which is necessary to unlock the mission "Thunderbarge: Ion Coil Delivery". Delta Río Wanay
Atalaya Strike Raid a base to prepare it for capture. This mission is required for the final assault on Illapa. Picos Navados
Vendaval Lockout Raid the Mina Vendaval and find out what they're doing in a secret base under ground. Paso Ventoso
Málaga Swipe Raid the Puerto Málaga base for "PA-31 Warship" schematics. Recalada
Balística Burglary Raid a base to capture some weapons. Abundancia
Tullu Sprint Drive 10 vehicles into the sea to prevent a port from being blown up. Acantilados
Yanacagua Takedown Take control of a Black Hand base which coordinates air force operations around the country and all over the world. Yanacagua
Jungla Scatter You have to protect a hacker while he's eliminating the missiles at the Ojo de la Jungla base. Islas Machaqwayes
Desierto Launch Protect a hacker while raiding a base to destroy some guided missiles. Hatun Ukucha
Prisa Hack Raid the Prisa Automóvil factory and shut it down. Tierras Bajas
Mazmorra Rescue Infiltrate a secret underground prison and save Lanza Morales. Riscos Altos
Infierno Escape Raid a base to free some prisoners. Laderas Rojas
Robótica Raid Raid a base to steal drone blueprints and to transmit some decryption software. Hamparas
Diego Dive Drive 10 vehicles into the sea to prevent a port from being blown up. Acantilados
Aeropuerto Scramble This mission is hard to organize, because it's a sidemission given by Mira. You'll have to help her disable the computers at Aeropuerto General Benitez and then drive to Quya while being chased by a lot of Black Hands. Islas Intichayes
Rocanegra Shutdown Raid a mine to shut down the automated equipment and to make it easier to capture. Páramos
Pradera Blastoff Raid a base to destroy some guided missiles. This mission has to be completed to unlock a region that has to be taken over for the mission Windwalker: Diversion. Vaivenes
Meteolab Grab Raid the Meteolab base. Trigger 4 computers that launch a Surveillance Airship and then download intel from the airship. This mission unlocks the mission "Thunderbarge: Obtaining The Ion Coil". Phuyu-Kuni
Espada Plunge Drive 10 vehicles into the sea to prevent a port from being blown up. Distrito Capital
Torretas Takeover Raid a base that manufactures big AI-controlled base defense turrets. Maravillas
Qacha Breakout Raid a base to release some drafted people. Gran Batalla
Fortaleza Release The Black Hand have taken over some hydro-electrical power plant to get more power for their Project Illapa. This dam must be made inoperable. Altoyaku
Zona Tres Upload Raid the Zona Tres base to get its data. This mission is needed to unlock the area, in order to unlock the next main story mission at this location. Laderas Sur
Tanques Heist Raid a tank factory in preparation for taking it over. Cerros Empolvados

DLC missions

These missions are from the three expansion packs. See more at Downloadable content for Just Cause 4.

Dare Devils of Destruction

Name Needed to unlock Short description
Some Trouble Get the DLC. The player probably also needs to complete Behind the Lines. Rico is informed about there being "underground" gangs and that the gangs are unhappy about him and the Army of Chaos.
The Solino Underground Complete the previous mission. Rico meets three gang bosses at Isla Santuario and agrees to prove himself in their extreme motoring events.
Trial of Initiation Complete the previous mission. Rico takes on the first extreme motoring event and then makes an additional deal with the gangs.
Run: Caminevado Complete Trial of Initiation. This is a race.
Run: Twisted Alley Complete Trial of Initiation. This is a race.
Survival Run: Thunder Ride Complete Trial of Initiation. This is an extreme motoring challenge.
Rampage: El Faro Rally Complete Trial of Initiation. This is an extreme motoring challenge.
Run: Nightbridge Complete Trial of Initiation. This is a race.
Rampage: Green Estate Complete Trial of Initiation. This is an extreme motoring challenge.
Rampage: Petrol City Complete Trial of Initiation. This is an extreme motoring challenge.
Survival Run: Sacred Cleanse Complete Trial of Initiation. This is an extreme motoring challenge.
Survival Rampage: Coastline Crucible Complete Trial of Initiation. This is an extreme motoring challenge.
Run: Isla Intensa Trial Complete 2 "LNP runs" at "S rank". This is a motoring event / race.
Rampage: Godsbowl Trial Complete 2 "Gearheads Rampages" at "S rank". This is a motoring event / race.
Survival Run: La Ratonera Trial Complete 2 "Los Artistas Survivals" at "S rank". This is a motoring event / race.
Trial of Triumph Complete 9 "Solino Underground Courses" at "A rank". These are the same event as featured in The Solino Underground. This is a motoring event / race. It's the last test to earning the gangs respect.

Los Demonios

Name Needed to unlock Short description
The Artifact Complete The Secret History of Solís. Javi invites Rico along to investigate a necropolis built by the Qacha people at Isla De Los Annilos. Once there, it turns out that Simón Valencia had tricked them and ambushes the duo. Simón then (expecting to find gold) unlocks the necropolis and releases an infestation of large plant and insect monsters.
The following 7 infestations/missions can be completed in any order.
Infestation On The Mainland Complete the previous mission. Rico fights off the first infestation on the mainland while Javi explains more about the relevant history of the Qacha people, who once successfully defeated the demons.
Infestation at the Compound Complete Infestation On The Mainland. Rico fights off an infestation at a lumber mill.
Infestation in the Lake Complete Infestation On The Mainland. Rico defeats an infestation at a lake.
Infestation at the Crash Complete Infestation On The Mainland. Rico defeats an infestation at a plane crash site on a mountain. This place has 6 growths instead of the usual 3.
Infestation on the Mountain Complete Infestation On The Mainland. Rico defeats another infestation at a plane crash site on a mountain. Here the number of Black Hand soldiers is so great that as long as the player doesn't get heat by shooting at them and the player defeats the stronger enemies first, the Black Hand can help Rico completely turn the tide of battle.
Infestation at the Church Complete Infestation On The Mainland. Rico defeats an infestation at a small town.
Infestation at the Farm Complete Infestation On The Mainland. Rico defeats an infestation at a village.
Extermination Destroy all the "infestations". Rico returns to the Isla De Los Annilos and defeats the monsters in a large final battle. He also learns what became of Simón.

Danger Rising

Name Needed to unlock Short description
Old Friends and New Enemies Complete Agency Distress Beacon. Story-wise it makes absolutely no sense to do this mission until Operation Illapa is complete. The Agency arrive at Solís with a giant submarine and try to kill Rico.
Complete USS Watchdog. Complete Old Friends and New Enemies That may seem like just a base completion, rather than a mission, but it's the next thing that's needed and does include a cut-scene, so it counts as a mission. Rico finds out that he is being chased by an agent Miller and that there are 5 more giant submarines.
The following 5 submarines/bases/missions can be completed in any order. They each reveal a little additional information.
USS Whitefeather Complete USS Watchdog
USS Conquest Complete USS Watchdog Rico notices that the Agency is using some Black Hand equipment.
USS Westward Complete USS Watchdog
USS Codetalker Complete USS Watchdog Rico reminisces about a past mission at Guatemala where he was accompanied by Maria and Dimah.
USS Visionary Complete USS Watchdog This submarine is actually here on a different mission, to look at a Black Hand shipwreck.
Tom reveals some new info each time a submarine is completed. What he says seems to depend on how many have been completed.
  • First one: Rico has been tracked since before he visited Medici, but it's unknown who ordered this. Rico thinks Miller would have known better than to do that.
  • Second one: Tom finds out that Miller is working on an Operation Microburst, but can't tell what it's about exactly.
  • Third one: It turns out that killing Rico is only the Agencies secondary objective at Solís.
  • Fourth one: Tom thinks that because Rico has destroyed most of Millers fleet, Miller will either "turn up soon, or he'll head home to the US with his tail between his legs."
  • Fifth one: Tom announces that he found Miller.
Rogue Agent Complete all the above submarines. Rico meets and defeats agent Miller. The mission ends with a big spoiler.

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