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This category lists all the weapons in Just Cause 4.

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Some notes

The supply drop has many, but not all of them.

There are no pistols that can be used in-game, but some still appear on various Black Hand uniforms.

Weapon crates around Solís are often randomized in what weapons they have, but there are a few exceptions: The weapon crates in and around Illapa, Casquillos Vacíos and Pachakawri all have set spawns of SW9 Assault Rifles, CC10 Shotguns, SMG-2s, AT7 RPGs, Defender Machine Guns, RG-PBA 9 Railguns, PGL-6 Grenade Launchers and 21-J Smart-Rifles. The weapon crates at Pachakawri in particular will only spawn RG-PBA 9 Railguns.

The Solino Underground ending cutscene features several weapons that are never seen anywhere in the game. Several Black Hand are seen wielding a SPAS-12 style shotgun, a FMG9, and an M4 rifle style weapon. The Army of Chaos is seen wielding several AK style weapons, including another with an IAR style weapon. It's not known if this is just lazy development or whether these weapon designs were actually going to be implemented into the game.

Secondary Fire

Main article: Secondary Fire.

One of the new features in Just Cause 4 is Secondary Fire, which allows the player to use weapons in a whole new way. Some weapons, for example, are equipped with an under-barrel grenade launcher, retractable bulletproof shield, or mini-missiles that can lock onto targets.

List of weapons by type

Assault rifles

  • SW9 Assault Rifle - Standard issue assault rifle. Secondary fire fires a grenade from an under-barrel grenade launcher that explodes on impact. Commonly used by the Black Hand.
  • 21-J Smart-Rifle - Semi-automatic assault rifle. Its secondary fire allows you to lock on to multiple targets and, upon releasing the secondary fire button, sends a barrage of homing bullets after the selected targets.
  • SW7-PBA Assault Rifle - Burst-action assault rifle similar to the CS27 Misfortune. Secondary fire deploys a drone that will assist Rico in combat.
  • SW2 Rodelero Rifle - Almost identical in appearance to the U-39 Plechovka.  This rifle is found being used exclusively by the Army of Chaos, but can be acquired by Rico by picking one up off the ground.
  • Deathstalker Scorpion Rifle - Semi-automatic rifle that fires explosive rounds. Alternate fire fires a ricocheting explosive bullet.  Closely resembles the 21-J Smart Rifle in design. It is part of the Deathstalker Scorpion Pack.
  • Bullshark Assault Rifle - It's an assault rifle, capable of launching drones. It's painted white, indicating possible Agency ownership. It's available as a separate small DLC.

Submachine guns

  • SMG-2 - Commonly used by many different units of the Black Hand, including ghost units and regular Black Hand grunts. Its secondary fire fires a charged explosive mini-rocket.
  • Niagara 9mm Bullpup - SMG in Danger Rising DLC, commonly used by Agency agents.

Sniper rifles

Rocket and grenade launchers

  • AT7 RPG - The "basic" rocket launcher used by Black Hand rocket launcher operators in Just Cause 4 like the UVK-13 in Just Cause 3. It fires like a normal rocket launcher. Its secondary fire is firing it into the air and making it land where the crosshairs are pointing, like a precision mortar or a missile strike.
  • AT3-X RPG - Performs like the Capstone Hydra from Just Cause 3. It fires multiple rockets at once in a straight line/cluster. The secondary fire appears to be a lock on similar to the Fire Leech.
  • PGL-6 Grenade Launcher - Used by Black Hand grenadiers. It fires like a normal grenade launcher, similar to the  UPU-210 from Just Cause 3.
  • PBX Mine Launcher 2A7 - Launches mines that stick to a surface. When the secondary fire button is pressed, it blows them, similar to the GE-64.
  • Anti-Tanque 1 RPG - Rocket launcher which looks almost exactly like the UVK-13. It is only used by the Army of Chaos.


  • CC10 Shotgun - Regular shotgun, like the U-96 Kladivo. Its secondary is being able to fire an under-barrel stun grenade launcher. The stun grenade's function is unknown.
  • Cazador 18 Shotgun - Shotgun used exclusively by the Army Of Chaos
  • PBX Auto-Slug 4 - Full auto shotgun with a magazine, likely the successor to the Automat U12.
  • Golden Gear Shotgun - A golden version of the Auto-Slug. Most features are unknown, but its secondary fire is an alternate ammo type (ricochet tracer shells). It is a bonus DLC included with the golden gear pack, included with the gold edition.
  • Sequoia 370 Mag-Slug - Electromagnetic powered shotgun that blasts objects away. It is added in the Danger Rising DLC.

Machine guns

"Experimental" weapons

  • RG-PBA 9 Railgun - Hand held weapon that fires projectiles at a very high velocity. Its secondary fire is launching a drone into the air to assist in combat. Black Hand soldiers have been seen to fire a more powerful red shot, so that could be another option. At first glance, this weapon can be confused to use Bavarium due to the blue streak emitted when firing.
  • PWC V4.2 Wind Gun - Gun that fires wind, launching people and objects alike. Its secondary fire is to launch a more powerful wind shot with more that launches practically anything not nailed down.
  • DA 9.3 Lightning Gun - Primary fire emits a continuous stream of directed electricity. Secondary fire summons a lightning storm which strikes targets with lightning.
  • Stormalong EM Zero - Gun that can levitate and throw things by manipulating gravity. Secondary fire throws objects away.


  • AA Gun - Mounted anti-aircraft gun that looks something like the Capstone FH155.
  • Defense Cannon - Very large artillery gun with lots of firepower and range.
  • Multiple more artillery weapons. See the Artillery article for details.


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