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Just cause rico gun

Rico, holding "Holdt R4 Pitbulls".

There's a total of 18 hand held weapons and 3 thrown or placed explosives in Just Cause.

Equipment slotsEdit

Just Cause has 10 equipment slots, but only 3 slots are assigned letters. Those 3 are the ones where the player can swap weapons. The rest can only have 1 weapon.

This list shows them in the order that they appear in game:

(Note: Whenever Rico is close enough and facing another person, instead of firing his weapon, he will punch or kick the person.)

  • 1: "Unarmed". When standing close enough, Rico will hit the center of the victims chest. The number of hits needed to kill depends on the target.
  • 2: Holdt R4 Pitbulls.
  • 3: A - Pistols and revolvers.
  • 4: B - Medium weapons (see the table below).
  • 5: C - Large weapons (see the table below).
  • 6: Protec Grappler G3.
  • 7: Timed explosive.
  • 8: Triggered Explosive.
  • 9: The remote control for the triggered explosive.
  • 10: Grenades are in a completely separate slot. The player does not need to scroll through the other slots, to get to them.

Weapon typesEdit

For those big black heavy machine guns that are mounted on vehicles; guard towers and cartel villa balconies, see: Mounted Gun.

  • Pistols are low powered, one handed weapons. They're best suited for backup roles or dealing with low level law enforcement or Montano soldiers. They are quite common weapons that are found either at safehouses or when a low ranking Guerrilla has been killed.
  • Revolvers are slighty more powerful than pistols. But they are still best suited for backup roles or dealing with low level law enforcement or Montano soldiers. The Rioja Cartel patrols use them frequently and so do patrolling police.
  • Submachine guns can be one or two handed, have 30 round magazines and are reasonably low powered, but they have a very high rate of fire. They're best suited for low level or lightly armored enemies. Nearly every faction uses them, Guerrillas use them in nearly every situation, Riojas only use them in liberations and the law enforcement/government use them at medium wanted levels. Montanos use them for most liberations apart from liberations that involve a very worthy villa, such as one near Esperito City that has the armed version of The Vampire within one of the garages of the villa.
  • Assault rifles are mid powered, automatic weapons with a medium rates of fire and a 30 round magazine. They're effective against most infantry type enemies. Either found at safehouses or during liberations or fast-paced missions. The most commonly found is the Adler FF M-72 which every faction will use for at least one type of situation whether that would be patrols, firefights or liberations/sidemissions.
  • Battle rifles are more powerful than assault rifles, and are automatic, but have a lower rate of fire. The two battle rifles (Fleisher AR-5 Blizzard and Lance FDL) have different advantages, the Blizzard has a 60 round magazine, and the Lance has a scope. Both are effective against most, if not all, infantry type enemies. Found at safehouses and at high wanted levels when the player is near or in a town or city.
  • Sniper rifles are high powered, scoped weapons with small magazines. They're effective against most, if not all, infantry type enemies, but are at their best when being used from a distance. A low rate of fire is the only drawback associated with sniper rifles. Found on town rooftops and safehouses and used by the Montano subtiniete during Rioja liberations. The Barclay Phantom is the most powerful handheld weapon in game, killing anyone in one shot. This features that sniper rifles possess makes them overpowered to any weapon.
  • Shotguns are high power weapons at close range, but become less effective as the distance from the target increases. At close enough range, shotguns are effective against most, if not all, infantry type enemies. Rarely used apart from the Dawson 61 Sports Model which is used more often by Black Hand and Guerrillas. Shotguns are fully automatic (with exception to the Dawson 61 Sports Model which is semi-automatic and is barrel-break action).
  • Rocket-launchers are weapons that are highly effective against vehicles and groups of enemies. They're best suited for dealing with groups of enemies. Only soliders in military bases without available SAM units use these when liberating with the use of a helicopter. Nearly all rocket launchers are very good for eliminating enemy vehicles except the Mako Hammerhead which has a very short and dangerous firing range.
  • Explosives are... explosive. The triggered and timed explosive have a huge blast radius, and the grenades have a reasonable blast radius. All are effective against infantry type enemies and vehicles. Both triggered and timed explosives will destroy at least 2-3 vehicles at once when detonated in a confined area. Using them in this method takes skill and practice to perfect and to do safely.

Table of dataEdit

Slot Name Type Description Ammunition Details
A slot of its own. Holdt R4 Pitbulls Pistol Pair, always carried by Rico and cannot be lost by any means. Underpowered weapons for last resort. 6 rounds per magazine (acts as 12), infinite reserve ammunition.
A Moretti P.94 Normal pistol with all-around performance and reasonable magazine size. Not as common as the Harker 357 Sawback. 15 round magazine. Can carry 150 extra rounds.
Gallini M39 "Husher" Silenced pistol which looks similar to the Moretti P.94. Highest power of all pistols in the game. Low range is the only downside of it. 8 round magazine. Can carry 120 extra rounds.
Harker 357 Sawback Revolver Normal revolver with a little more power than the Moretti P.94. High rate of fire depending on how fast it is fired. 6 rounds in barrels. Can carry 120 extra rounds.
B Aviv Scarab Submachine gun One handed SMG with lower rate of fire than the Nova 9 but has the same power. 30 round magazine. Can carry 200 extra rounds.
Nova 9 One handed SMG equipped with a silencer. Low powered but high rate of fire makes up for this. 30 round magazine. Can carry 200 extra rounds.
Aviv Panthera Two handed SMG with accurate firing at close range. Has a faster rate of fire than assault rifles. 30 round magazine. Can carry 200 extra rounds.
C Haswell Gen2 Vindicator Assault rifle Powerful assault rifle with a balanced rate of fire to smooth out statistics. Range is medium distance. 30 round magazine. Can carry 200 extra rounds.
Adler FF M-72 Realistic assault rifle with a bit less power. Very useful at destroying small objects. 30 round magazine. Can carry 200 extra rounds.
Fleisher AR-5 Blizzard Battle rifle A battle rifle with an unusually large magazine capacity. Fires fully-automatically, but with a relatively slow rate of fire for an automatic. 60 round magazine. Can carry 200 extra rounds.
Lance FDL Scoped battle rifle. Can be used as a medium powered sniper rifle. Semi-automatic firing.

30 round magazine. Can carry 200 extra rounds.

Barclay Phantom Sniper rifle Scoped sniper rifle with excessively high power. Has a low rate of fire. 5 round magazine. Can carry 200 extra rounds.
B Dawson 61 Sports Model Shotgun Sawed-off shotgun with high power and damage. Has a short range. 2 round capacity chambers. Can carry 60 extra rounds rounds.
C Moretti CCW Centurion Automatic shotgun with less power at further ranges. 6 round magazine. Can carry 30 extra rounds.
Moretti CCW Praetorian Automatic shotgun with less power at further ranges. 12 round magazine. Can carry 30 extra rounds
B RPG M-112 Rocket-launcher Medium blast radius with medium damage. Reload after every shot. Can carry 3 extra rockets.
C Mako Ocra Automatic rocket-launcher This is the biggest rocket-launcher in the game. 3 round magazine. Can carry 3 extra rockets.
Mako Hammerhead Revolver-type grenade launcher Short firing range and highly dangerous damage and blast radius. 8 rocket drum magazine. Can carry up to 8 extra rockets.
Slots of their own. Timed explosive Explosive Explodes 5 seconds after deployment. High damage and blast radius. Can carry up to 5 extra explosives.
Triggered Explosive Has a remote control. It's possible to set several and detonate at the same time. High damage and blast radius. Can carry up to 5 extra explosives.
Grenades Aim and throw at targets with a 5 second fuse. Can be prematurely detonated by shooting them. Lowest blast radius of all explosives in the game. Can carry up to 8 grenades.

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