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Chemical Compound
Pemainan Racun
Stronghold Takeover
Faction Reapers
Requires A Second Amendment
Territory Panau Tengah Bay
Required Chaos 240,000
Location Pemainan Racun
X:12990; Y:25200
Chaos 7,500
Cash 17,500
Weapon Parts 2
Vehicle Parts 2

Chemical Compound is the third and last stronghold takeover that Rico completes for the Reapers in Just Cause 2.


It's the final Stronghold takeover that Rico completes for the Reapers.

Bolo Santosi feels you trustworthy enough to send on this final Reapers stronghold mission. You are to infiltrate the Pemainan Racun chemical facility and take control of it to stop the pumping of chemicals into the nearby river. 


The mission is standard fare. Approaching the main gates, take out the two Rocket Launcher guys before worrying about the other goons and then Grapple over the main gate. Take out a few more, then open the gate.

Over to the right is an unmanned Minigun up a ramp. Grab the gun if your own gun is inadequate and move along, opening up on any Panau Military punks who turn up. Shooting far ahead will yield a nice explosion or few. Be careful - the technician will frequently cross your line of fire. At one point you will encounter a Demolition Officer. Stay away from him, as he throws Triggered Explosives, which can prove deadly.

There are two Miniguns on your way to the stronghold control terminal. The first one will have to be taken head on, but the second can be approached from the side by going around the metal shipping containers on the right. Once you take the gunner out, open up on the remaining troops, then duck into the fortified position they once held. Soon, two military vehicles (MV V880 and MV Quartermaster) will tear around the corners: quickly take them out with the Minigun before the base commander rises above the treeline in a UH-10 Chippewa to rain on your parade. Shooting him down (for example with a dis-mounted minigun) or throwing him to his death via hijacking his helicopter completes the mission.


  • This is the only time vehicles will actually spawn inside the base. Before this liberation, there are two MV Quartermasters outside, as with every stronghold.
  • This is one of two stronghold takeovers featuring the Demolition Officer, the other one being Oil for Blood.
  • This is one of the few stronghold takeovers featuring two minigun operators.


Just Cause 2 - Stronghold Takeover - Chemical Compound

Just Cause 2 - Stronghold Takeover - Chemical Compound

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