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Chepachet PVD
Chepachet PVD
Vehicle in Just Cause 2
Type Utility truck
Weapons Mounted Gun
Rarity Very common
List of owners Panau Military
The following statistics are from the official strategy guide.
Top Speed 68
Acceleration 52
Armour 65
Handling 60

The Chepachet PVD is a vehicle in Just Cause 2.


It's a large off-road pick-up with no doors and no roof. However, it does have a roll-cage and a Mounted Gun near the back, turning it into a technical. It's also equipped with a red emergency vehicle light, a siren and a winch on the front bumper, although the latter can't be used by the player. There's plenty of room for cargo in the back.

It can spawn in desert, snow and jungle camouflage. The red one is provided for various races and can easily be mistaken for a Marten Storm III.


The Chepachet is, to many, a very desirable vehicle for a number of reasons. Firstly, its Mounted Gun allows you to hop onto the back and shoot at destructible objects from a distance, while its powerful, most likely a V8 engine, will allow you to outrun most pursuers through traffic. Its handling, while not exactly nimble, gives plenty of grip around turns and since it is a four-wheel drive vehicle with a lot of power under its hood. It can be used for off-road rampages like you would use any of the Wilforce variants or the Monster Truck. It also shares the same armor rating (according to the Just Cause 2 official guide) as the MV V880, so it will withstand quite a lot of gunfire. The only real disadvantage is that it has no doors, leaving the driver prone to attack. If a player were to hop into the gun turret while mobile, there would be no way to control the vehicle, which leads many players into bushes, walls, or the ocean. This car is quite good at drifting.

This vehicle is actually really useful for any land race of any difficulty, off-road or on.


  • Used against Rico at heat level 5.
  • Provided for the race challenges "The Centrifuge", "The Forbidden Coast" and "Frozen Hell".
  • Razak Razman also has a unique blue and black Chepachet which he arrives in when you start a Roaches mission. It is never seen anywhere else.
  • Mostly used at checkpoints and Military base outposts to "keep the peace", should any factions or unruly civilians appear.
  • There is a military variant of this vehicle which attracts no heat, usually in forest/jungle camouflage, which appears at several military bases. Among them are:
    • Bukit Dengkang at X:11630; Y:10010. 2 spawn here.
    • Negeri Gandin at X:10200; Y:4390. It is advisable to complete the base first, otherwise the player will face heavy fire upon entering the vehicle and being spotted.
    • Kem Gereja Merah on the 'Forbidden Island' at X:30230; Y:27745. Can be airlifted safely to the mainland via H-62 Quapaw or driven through the military bases towards Kem Hang Johan (X:26320; Y:30605), though you'll probably damage it more than airlifting it in the process. If you've already completed Kem Gereja Merah and are swift with dual-hooking the Chepachet to your helicopter, you should only have about ten seconds of military aggression to endure before you enter cooldown and can safely transport it to the nearest road network.
    • Pulau Ombak Merah at X:13470 Y:30230. Kill everyone first because you will most likely lose this vehicle in a hailstorm of bullets.
  • Virtually every village has one of these, although a few villages can even have two of these. Some villages in the Berawan Besar Mountains even have four of these.


  • The 'PV' in 'PVD' could possibly stand for Pursuit Vehicle, as it's used as one in various missions and during free-roam gameplay.
  • Another possibility is that "PVD" is an acronym of "DPV" (Desert Patrol Vehicle), despite its limited usage in the desert regions of Panau.
  • Its design is visually similar to that of International Truck's propositional designs for the U.S. Military's Future Tactical Truck System program.
  • Although not in short supply, this vehicle is only used in one faction mission: Pulling a Jeremy.
  • There are three real-world things with the word "Chepachet", but it's not known if it's named after any of them, if it is a reference at all.
  • You can keep the sirens on even after exiting the vehicle by going into a stunt position and jumping off. This works with every vehicle in Just Cause 2 equipped with a siren.
  • It's the only military vehicle starting with the letter "C".


Main article: Just Cause 2 Vehicle glitches. The Chepachet PVD's occupational parameters aren't applied to the gun for some reason. Soldiers can mount the Chepachet's gun while the player is in the driver's seat. Players can also enter the turret of a Chepachet driven by a soldier. This is probably the result of a lack of correlation between the vehicle and its gun. This can only be seen with a heat-less variant, as Panau Military will shoot at you in a red-marked one.

Sometimes, if you suffer a violent crash in it, the turret gun will despawn, though it will respawn properly when you try to use it.


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